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How to attract more customers to your business using summer promotions

How to attract more customers to your business this summer

Summer is a boom period for retail and hospitality, with businesses able to fully utilise outdoor space and increased footfall. Businesses based in UK tourist hotspots are set to welcome many ‘staycationers’, giving them a chance to get their summer season started with an increase in sales. What are the best ways to make the most of this period? Let us talk you through the POS essentials you’ll need to attract passersby into your retail or hospitality business and increase sales using summer promotions.


Grab attention from passersby

Outdoor signage is the first point of contact that many customers will have with your business, so clear, simple messaging is the key to grabbing attention and driving people inside.

Pavement signs are ideal for use by all types of business, whether you run a clothes shop, bakery, hotel or restaurant. The benefit of using an A board, forecourt sign or swing sign is that they are double sided, so that your messages can be seen from many angles. The placement of these boards on a pavement also makes them difficult to ignore, so many passersby will see your displays and be encouraged to enter the premises.

As well as heavy duty Pavement Signs, there are other signs that you can place outside or at the entrance to your store. Easels are great for holding large chalkboards and poster boards that display your promotional messages or attractive, high quality graphics that will intrigue passersby and encourage them to head inside your business. They are also lightweight and can also be folded away easily, perfect for smaller retailers.

Summer promotions 2021 How to hold a summer sale

Window signs are also very useful for drawing the attention of passersby, and they come in many different styles to suit your store. Large format fabric tension banner systems are great for displaying bigger graphics and many are available with LED backlights to ensure that your graphics can be seen clearly both day and night.

Summer sale displays

Window displays can also be used to display a selection of your products themselves, and not only promotional messages. Use eye-catching display stands such as wooden ladders, pedestals and wire risers to elevate and showcase the products you wish to promote. It’s a great place to promote a sale, new product launch or your seasonal ranges, such as picnic hampers, Father's day gift selections or Halloween costumes.


Indoor POS essentials for summer sales

Once customers are inside your store, you need to continue using clear signage throughout in order to draw attention to the sale areas of the store and to specific offers you have available on your shelves and display stands.

Overhead signs are perfect for helping customers find the section of your store they want, as they can be seen from a distance and from most areas of your store. They are most commonly used in larger stores, such as supermarkets and DIY stores, but our pre-printed SALE overhead arrow sign can be useful for smaller retailers to direct customers entering your store to the area where your sale items are.

Use bright inserts within freestanding sign holders to draw attention to your sale prices and promotional messages on your countertops and display stands. Design your own sale signs, or use pre-printed tickets that allow you to write prices directly onto the poster. We also offer ‘Was and Now’ Sale Tickets that are designed to be hung from a clothes hanger, so you can price individual sale items.

summer sale signage

Create space-saving and visually-exciting product displays for your summer sales by using a merchandising stand. They give you the option to stack your products upwards, rather than along a shelf, which gives you more free space on the shop floor and draws the eyes of passersby.

For a more rustic style of display, use a Wooden Display Ladder as a stylish shelving unit, which can be propped up against a wall or at the end of an aisle to give you more vertical space to place smaller items, such as folded clothing, ornaments and accessories. Alternatively, use the countertop space you already have to create a unique merchandising display with a variety of boxes and bridges.

Summer sale signage
Displays for shop sales

Literally elevating key products or heavily discounted sale items alongside your countertop signage makes them very hard for customers to miss. Use dump bins and small tubs next to your displays to cross-merchandise and encourage impulse purchases of your smaller items and accessories.



Hotels, pubs and restaurants are poised to have a fantastic summer sales period, as COVID restrictions will be relaxed or non-existent (fingers crossed)! These relaxations, combined with international travel restrictions, means that the top UK destinations are likely to be full of local tourists as they seek to getaway on a summer break. It’s a great opportunity for hospitality businesses to boost sales and start to recoup revenue lost during lockdown. Make sure that your business is ready to take full advantage of this reopening period by having effective POS and hospitality essentials in place.

“The reopening of the eating out sector and lifting of social restrictions will increase social dining both in and out of home and will give the market as a whole a significant boost. The value of retail is up £1.8bn on 2020 and £14.5bn on 2019.”- Nicola Knight, IGD Senior Retail Analyst [1]

Make the most of the increased footfall by using our bestselling POS displays, such as café banners, pavement signs and menu stands, to attract new customers and boost sales. Pavement signage is quick and easy to update with your menus and promotions, while also providing great visibility for passersby. Many of our POS displays are available with custom branding options, to make your business stand out from the rest.

Summer POS Outdoor POS for summer

Create welcoming outdoor areas

The warmer weather, perhaps also combined with a slight apprehension among some about sitting in crowded indoor spaces, means that a lot of customers will appreciate an outdoor area for dining, drinking and socialising this summer.

Our café barriers, which can be printed on both sides, can be used to cordon off areas for seating, while also allowing you to advertise your brand to tourists passing by. They are a fantastic advertising tool for restaurants, cafes and pubs alike.

Alternatively, artificial hedge panels work wonderfully as a modern way to border off seating areas, are visually striking and require no maintenance! They have been coated with a special UV finish, resulting in a vibrant display all year round.


Stock up on hospitality essentials

As well as continuing to use sanitiser dispensers and sneeze screens to add an extra layer of protection for customers, you will also need to make sure you are fully stocked up on all the traditional hospitality essentials. Ensure you are equipped with menu covers, condiment caddies and table signage to give customers all the information and utensils they need within reach. We have a wide range of hospitality essentials and accessories to suit all budgets and business types.


Alysha Bennett

Alysha is a copywriter at UK POS, with experience working in B2B and B2C companies, as well as with charities. She has been curating consumer and retail trends to assist retailers in implementing effective point of sale materials into their own businesses for over five years.


1. Knight, Nicola, ‘Eating in vs Dining Out 2021’, IGD, 2021, https://retailanalysis.igd.com/Sign-in/Eating-in-vs-Dining-Out-2021 [accessed May 2021].