Freestanding Menu and Sign Holders

A free standing sign holder is a simple and convenient way to display posters around your business. Counter signage looks great with our holders, which range from clear acrylic to metal and wooden options.

Freestanding sign, print and menu holders for countertop displays

What are freestanding sign, print and menu holders used for?

Our extensive range of table sign holders are the ideal way to showcase promotions and product information. Our affordable, low cost solutions and modern LED displays look fantastic when used on your shelf, in your window displays or in your counter signage displays.

What type of freestanding sign holders do you supply?

Our range of freestanding sign holders are designed for use on counters, tabletops and shelving. We also supply floor standing models, which are a great choice for attracting attention. You can place them outside in good weather, as well as in doorways or around a store, to alert customers to an offer from a distance.

Tabletop signage is convenient, as you can pick it up and reposition it to wherever you need it to be. We make them in a range of materials, including acrylic, PVC, styrene and stainless steel.

What sizes of counter signage display are there?

Our table sign holders range from A3 to A8. No matter what kind of sign you're trying to display in your cafe, restaurant or retail store, you'll be able to do so in a tidy and professional manner.

Free standing sign holders and tabletop menu holders
Tabletop sign holders and menu holders are convenient and stylish.

What type of free standing sign holders will I need for my restaurant?

Tabletop menu holders are a popular, low effort investment for businesses looking to keep menus and tables tidy. They are available in a huge range of styles to suit any business.

If you have a dimly-lit venue, our LED illuminated sign and menu holders are a great choice as they add a warm, inviting glow. Alternatively, flat-pack table talkers are a good choice for pop-up restaurants and markets.