Pavement Signs and Forecourt Signs

Pavement signs are heavy duty, double-sided sign boards designed for use outside to display posters and attract passersby. Also known as forecourt signs, they typically have robust water-fillable bases to weight them down and prevent them from tipping over in the wind.

Forecourt Signs and Pavement Signs

Why use forecourt signs?

In order to let potential customers know about your business and increase footfall, outdoor forecourt signage is key. Before prospective customers even see your window display, you can alert them to your presence. Pique the interest of passersby and set their expectations with a weighted outdoor sign.

They're also ideal for small businesses that don't have room for a window display. A popular use for this type of display is as a convenience store, car park or petrol station sign. The weighted bases for signs are perfect for outdoor use as they prevent the signs from tipping over in the wind.

Are the forecourt signs double sided?

Yes, all of our pavement signs and garage forecourt signs have a double sided display. This means that you can advertise to people passing by in both directions.

You can even feature a different poster display on each side of the board to appeal to different types of customer. For example, customers may need to climb a steep hill to reach your cafe. Therefore, it could be beneficial to advertise cold drinks and ice cream.

This will encourage customers to make the climb and visit your cafe. If you're faced on one side by an office building, you may wish to advertise your range of caffeinated beverages.

Weighted outdoor signs aka pavement advertising sign
Forecourt signs aka weighted outdoor signs or pavement signs
Forecourt signs and pavement signs will increase sales, and a weighted sign base resists tipping and theft

Are there weatherproof pavement signs?

Our Weather Proof Pavement Signs are the best option for businesses needing to appeal to passing customers in poor weather conditions. It boasts a watertight seal and PVC poster covers. We recommend that you use waterproof posters to prevent them from crinkling.

We also stock Heavy Duty Pavement Signs which are not waterproof but weather resistant. It has an extra heavy weighted sign base and steel frame to prevent it from blowing over in the wind. These weighted outdoor signs are perfect for use in a range of locations.

What should I put on my pavement signs and forecourt signs?

You can advertise anything you like on your large format pavement signs. Display glossy photographic prints, or simple discount signs and call to action messages.

For a more unique option, why not try a chalkboard pavement sign? It gives you unlimited creative possibilities for professional quality decoration with liquid chalk pens. The wooden frames make them a popular choice for cafes, pubs, health spas, bookshops and much more.