Display Blocks and Bridges

Use display blocks and bridges for eye-catching merchandising. These Perspex risers and acrylic blocks help you elevate your displays for maximum impact.

Display risers, acrylic blocks and bridges

What are display risers, blocks and bridges for?

Display risers, Perspex blocks and bridges are visual merchandising displays which showcase particular products. While tubs and crates allow retailers to display many lower value items at once, display bridges, pedestals and stands are designed to make high value items stand out individually. They're a great choice for luxury products.

Should my business use display blocks or bridges?

Display bridges and riser blocks are often used at the point of sale in premium retail environments to showcase quality items such as designer accessories, electronics and perfume, as well as in shoe shop displays. They're also perfect for use in hairdressers and spas to display high-value cosmetic products which complement treatments that customers have received.

Are any of these display bridges available in different colours?

Absolutely. At UK POS we manufacture a large quantity of our products right here in Stockport. We have the ability to create your acrylic merchandising displays in a range of colours and sizes, as well as adding branding.

If you would like your display risers made to order from bespoke specifications, simply contact a member of our sales team today for a quote. Alternatively, you can fill in our online quote request form.

Perspex display bridges help to highlight your products

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Do any of these display blocks show branding?

Our clear acrylic display blocks are available with bespoke branding so that you can use them as acrylic branding blocks, featuring your company logo or message. They can also be supplied without branding for a plain acrylic block.

Another way you can display branding or graphics in visual merchandising displays is by using a product glorifier. They're like display bridges, but feature a header section at the back for your A5 graphics.