Bulk quantity quotes

We already offer trade prices to our customers with bigger discounts available depending on your order volume. However, we're often able to give even bigger discounts for bulk orders.

If the product you're looking at online only offers a discounted price for 100 units, but you want 200, for example, we may be able to offer you a custom discount.

To find out how much more you can save on your order, simply complete the form on the product page ensuring that you include the product code and the amount you are looking to purchase.

Bulk Quantity Quotes

How to get an instant quote

Request a quote

1 Find the product you want on our site and check to see if we already provide discount on the volume you need. If you're buying more you may be able to obtain a larger discount by clicking the "Request bulk quote" button.

Submit your quote request

2 Select the product and quantity you require and enter your contact details so we can assess your bulk volume request. If we can, we'll give you an instant quote back within a few minutes, or we'll contact you within a day.

request a quote from UK POS

3 We'll send your quote to you via email. Click the link in the email to add the product requested to your basket and obtain it at the discounted price, then checkout using your chosen payment method - card, PayPal or invoice.

Alternatively, simply contact us, and we'll let you know what you could save by ordering your POS displays in bulk.