Window Poster Holders

Window signs are key for use in shops and cafes to advertise opening hours and special offers. Use a window poster holder with suction cups or adhesive for a sign that's easy to update at any time by any staff member.

Window Poster Holders and Window Clings

Does my business need a window display poster holder?

Looking for a professional and cost effective way to compel potential consumers to enter your store? A window poster holder could be exactly what you need. A window display can direct attention to offers before the customer has even set foot on the premises.

Window posters can also be used in corporate environments to display materials such as company policies, safety notices and directional information.

What types of window poster holders are there?

We supply a number of different types of poster holders for window display. Self cling poster holders are a form of static cling signs and don't require any extra fixings. This is why they're often called shop window stickers, but they don't leave any residue. We also supply various adhesives for a more secure poster fixing. A chalkboard window display is a good option if you need to change your promotional signage at a moment's notice, as the chalkboard can be wiped clean, rewritten and reattached instantly.

You can attach any poster to a window without even having a poster holder or sleeve, using our suction cup with bulldog clip. This is useful for any business premises with windows, as you can quickly attach any signage that you like. Simply adhere the suction cup to the window, and attach your graphics using the clip.

For alternative options of window poster adhesion, check out our range of Suction Cups and Hooks which are available in various styles.

What size window poster holders and window chalkboard signs are available?

We stock a range of sizes of poster holders for your window displays, including A1, A2, A3 and A4. Additionally, as we manufacture most of our products on site, we may be able to create a bespoke size for you - just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Window poster holders and window chalkboard signs
Shop window poster holders and window chalkboard signs from UK POS

What are my options for a more permanent or illuminated window display?

For a more securely fixed window display with a stylish and professional appearance, you may wish to look at our Cable and Rod Display category.

Cable and rod displays are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for estate agents and hair and beauty salons. This is due to their ability to showcase multiple attractive images at once, encouraging passing customers to browse.

Cable and rod window displays make the most of the space between your floor and ceiling. This gives you the ability to display all of your best images and promotions in the front-of-house area. Our LED illuminated display kits go one step further, making your business stand out against your competitors with an eye-catching and highly professional illuminated multi-poster window display.

An alternative to window posters and rod displays are our digital window poster screens. They have a high-brightness display with anti-blackening technology that appears vibrant, even in direct sunlight.