Space-Saving Shopfitting Supplies

Maximising Shop Space with Space-Saving Shopfitting Supplies

In today's competitive retail landscape, making the most of available shop space is crucial. Whether you run a cosy boutique or a bustling high street store, every square metre counts. Many shop owners face the challenge of how to display their products effectively without overcrowding their store. Overcrowding can lead to a cluttered and uninviting shopping experience.

At UK POS, we understand these challenges and offer a large range of space-saving shop fitting supplies. Ensure these shopfittings maximise your retail space and create an appealing, well-organised layout for your customers. The goal is to provide an attractive and organised environment for your customers to enjoy.

A Common Problem: Limited Shop Space

One of the most significant hurdles retailers face is the limitation of physical space. Finding a balance between displaying plenty of products and creating a welcoming atmosphere can be difficult. This is especially true when you have a large inventory and need to keep up with trends and customer demands.

A key concern is, not only trying to display as much merchandise as possible, but also making the retail environment enjoyable and easy-to-navigate for your customers.

"Shopfitting always begins with the customer" [1]

Crowded displays can deter customers, making it hard for them to find what they want and decreasing their satisfaction. This problem is even worse in smaller stores, where every inch of space is vital.

Our Solution: Space-Saving Shop Fitting Supplies

At UK POS, we create a variety of innovative shopfitting supplies that maximise your available space.

We design our shop fittings with functionality in mind. This ensures that your store stays both organised and inviting. First, consider making a retail floor plan so that you clearly understand the space available to you. Then, check out our top 6 space-saving shop fittings below:

1. Slatwall Displays

Slatwall displays are a versatile and efficient way to use your wall space. Use them floor-to-ceiling, or in a specific area. These panels allow you to easily adjust and rearrange hooks, shelves, and baskets, and rails. This gives you the flexibility to change your displays as often as needed.

Regardless of what you're selling, slatwall displays provide a sleek and modern way to present your products while keeping the floor space clear.

On brand slatwall display

2. Gridwall Displays

Similar to slatwall displays, gridwall shop fittings offer another excellent option for utilising vertical space. You can hang these grid panels on walls or set them up as a freestanding retail gondola. This provides a sturdy and flexible display option.

Customise your grid mesh displays with shelves, hooks and brackets to suit your space and products. They draw attention to a wider range of products, without consuming valuable floor space.

3. Shelf Merchandising Clips

Shelf merchandising clips are a small but mighty point of sale display method. They're perfect for displaying multiple associated items for cross-selling directly on your shelf edges. These clips are ideal for stores of all types and really make the most of your available shelf space.

As well as using them for various lightweight complementary products, they’re also popular for holding gift cards.

4. Freestanding Display Units

On brand slatwall display

Place freestanding display units wherever you need to add extra display space. They create focal points and highlight key products, while making the most of the space available to you. Think aisle ends and by tills.

Freestanding displays come in various styles, from shelf units to dump bins. Attach signage to the displays themselves, or opt for branded stands. This means you won't need to make space for extra signage on the shop floor.

5. Overhead Signs

Use ceiling fixings and poster grippers to display overhead signage. This saves the wall and countertop space that would otherwise be taken up by posters and other signs, giving you more space to showcase your products!

6. Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders

Another way to preserve space on your countertops and floors is to wall mount your leaflet holders. You can attach them with screws, standoff wall mounts, or even adhere them to your walls, display units and till areas with adhesive tape.

Wall mounted leaflet holders are a handy way to display brochures, company info, menus, maps, and itineraries without using a lot of space.

The Benefits of Space-Saving Shopfitting Supplies

Investing in space-saving shopfitting supplies from UK POS comes with numerous benefits. Not only do these products help you boost your available space, but they will help your displays to stand out.

An organised, well-displayed store is more inviting and makes it easier for customers to find what they need. This leads to increased satisfaction and higher sales.

With clever use of shop wall fittings, display units and other point of sale accessories, you can create a retail environment that is both effective and attractive. These solutions help you to showcase your products clearly while keeping your store uncluttered and easy to navigate.


At UK POS, we are committed to helping retailers overcome the challenges of limited shop space. Our range of space-saving shopfitting supplies offers practical solutions that maximise your available space and enhance your store's overall appearance.

With our innovative products, you can create a more organised, attractive, and efficient retail environment, ensuring that your customers have the best possible shopping experience.

On brand slatwall display

Explore our range today and discover how UK POS can help you transform your small footprint shop into a space-saving haven.

Kira Swales

Kira Swales

Kira Swales is a copywriter for UK POS. Kira has ten years of experience in e-commerce and copywriting. She enjoys researching topics in depth in order to provide readers with the latest information on point of sale merchandising. Read more of her comprehensive guides in our Knowledge Hub.


1. Mau, Schweizer and Fleischer, ‘Multisensory in Stationary Retail’ (2023), Springer, pp. 389-395.