Lockable Poster Cases

Lockable poster cases are a smart investment for signs that will be on display outdoors or in unmonitored public areas. Our locking poster frames come in various sizes and styles, from standard poster cases, snap frames and LED-lit options.

Lockable Poster Cases

What are lockable poster cases?

Lockable poster cases have locks that protect your frames for being opened to protect your displays from vandalism or theft. These frames can be used both indoors and outdoors and prevent your posters from being tampered with.

Standard poster cases, such as snap frames, are designed to be accessed easily without tools in order to make poster changes as fast and simple as possible. In certain environments, however, your posters could be removed or defaced, so lockable poster cases add an extra element of security to your displays.

How hard is it to replace posters in locking poster frames?

Changing the poster in a lockable poster frame is very simple - you just need the right key. Depending on the style of frame, this will either open the frame mechanism so you can snap in a new poster, or it will allow you to open a hinged door to switch the poster.

Can I use any of these frames as an outdoor poster case?

Yes, all of these locking frames are suitable for use as an outdoor poster case! We recommend using them with waterproof prints, to prevent damage if they come into contact with rain or condensation.

Lockable poster cases for indoor or outdoor use

Where can these locking poster frames be used?

Our locking poster frames can be used indoors and outdoors. They're our most popular poster frames for outdoor use as poster cases protect posters from the elements far better than a standard frame does. Some models also include high-impact acrylic fronts to further reduce vandalism.

What sizes of lockable outdoor poster case are available?

Our lockable poster frames come in a wide range of sizes, from standard paper sizes such as A4, A3, A2 and A1 to much larger posters A0 and custom sizes.

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