6 Ways to Boost Bank Holiday Sales

Increase Bank Holiday Footfall and Boost Bank Holiday Sales

Bank holidays are a great chance for people to relax and spend time with loved ones. They also bring more customers to businesses and boost sales. For example, the May bank holidays in 2023 saw sales by value increase 7.7% in comparison with the previous year [1], and the August bank holiday saw a 10.5% rise in footfall against the previous week [2].

By strategically using signage and merchandising, you can entice passersby to enter and to spend more. In this article, we explore the ways you can maximise the potential of POS display products during bank holidays to amplify footfall and drive bank holiday sales.

1. Plan Your Special Offers Ahead of Time

One way to enhance your bank holiday sales is to create promotions themed for the seasons. Temporary sales and deals on specific products in stores, or special menus at restaurants, are a good way to begin. Ensure you stay aware of all the upcoming seasonal events to inform your merchandising.

Easter spring bank holiday sales are an obvious example - there’s plenty of scope for Easter-themed marketing in both retail and hospitality. Spring and summer bank holidays are great times for shops to promote summer clothes, sunscreen, BBQs, food, DIY, and garden items. In the warmer months restaurants and bars can take advantage of fresh food, drink deals, and outdoor dining to attract customers.

2. Display Eye-Catching Outdoor Signs

Utilise eye-catching pavement signs and A-frame boards outside your business to attract footfall during bank holidays. Opt for bold graphics, vibrant colours, and concise messaging to communicate your special promotions or offers effectively.

Show exciting messages like "50% Off Bank Holiday Sale" or "Limited Time Offers" to attract people inside.

3. Create Bank Holiday Product Displays

Around the British bank holidays, there are plenty of on-theme products which will be in higher demand than usual. Boost their visibility by bundling them together in your retail displays.

Dump bins, display plinths, wooden crates and branded freestanding display units are a handful of good options for this. Draw attention to items on shelves by using specific shelf signs to highlight any bank holiday deals.

4. Grab Attention with Poster and Menu Holders

Once customers are inside your business, use visual cues such as poster holders and menu displays. These will reinforce your promotional messaging. Always make sure important details like prices are easy to see, so customers can easily buy what they need.

Place your poster holders strategically to showcase high-impact visuals and promotions. For example, in retail, place extra signs near entrances, aisles, or checkout counters.

Put signs in menu holders on tables and bars, as well as on walls using snap frames in bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Use leaflets, posters and menus to highlight featured items and exclusive bank holiday deals.

5. Employ Interactive Displays

Enhance customer engagement and drive bank holiday sales by using interactive elements in your displays. Use QR codes on your printed posters to guide customers to special online deals or digital content for bank holiday sales.

Displaying seasonally-relevant content on digital displays, especially touchscreens, helps to connect with customers on a deeper level. These interactive elements encourage shoppers or guests to interact with your displays, improving their overall experience.

6. Use Seasonal Themes and Decorations

Include seasonal themes and decorations in your POS displays and decor, to connect with customers during bank holidays. Use seasonal graphics, colours, and props to match the time of year and enhance your promotional message in your displays.

Use your point of sale displays strategically to attract more customers and increase sales during bank holidays. Using eye-catching displays, interactive elements, and seasonal decorations can attract customers, improve their experience, and increase spending. Make sure you make the most of the bank holiday opportunities for your business.

Kira Swales

Kira Swales

Kira Swales is a copywriter for UK POS. Kira has ten years of experience in e-commerce and copywriting. She enjoys researching topics in depth in order to provide readers with the latest information on point of sale merchandising. Read more of her comprehensive guides in our Knowledge Hub.


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