Boost Sales Using Effective Mother’s Day Displays

Boost Sales Using Effective Mother’s Day Displays

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest events in the retail calendar, with UK consumers spending approximately £1.49 billion on Mother’s Day in 2022 alone [1]! The opportunities to boost profits in-store this year are huge!

Businesses need to use the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day to make sure that they have the most effective POS displays in place. Signage plays a huge role in getting customers into your business, as well as influencing their purchase decisions once they’re inside. Maximise the effectiveness of your seasonal displays and boost the visibility of your time-limited promotions using tried-and-tested traditional displays, including poster holders, pavement signs and display stands.

There are three main aspects of traditional Mother’s Day spending that retailers and hospitality can capitalise on to boost sales:

  • Dining out with family
  • Cooking a special meal at home
  • Buying Mother’s Day gifts and cards

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts are flowers and chocolates. However, research has shown that 67% of UK shoppers are unimpressed by the current selection of gifts and would happily spend more if better gifts were available [2]. There’s never been a better time for retailers to get creative with their offerings!

Window displays and outdoor advertising

Discover our top Mother’s Day window display ideas designed to attract customers into your business. Your windows act as the ‘front cover’ to your store or establishment, and should give passing customers an accurate impression of what they can find inside.

Poster holders are great for advertising information about your best Mother’s Day deals, as well as new product launches or new menu items. Make sure that your messages are concise and written in a bold, eye-catching font to gain the most attention from passersby. Browse our static and adhesive window poster holders.

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brunch window sign
wooden product plinth

If you want to display products that you think will make great Mother’s Day gifts in your shop window, our range of display plinths and ladder stands are a perfect solution. They elevate your products to eye level and give you the opportunity to arrange a variety of gift options in order to pique the interest of shoppers.

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Outdoor advertising is the perfect match for your window displays. Pavement signs and banners are hard to miss, and can act as a further draw to passersby.

Pavement signs are ideal for cafes and restaurants, as well as retail stores, to display Mother’s Day promotions on the street outside your premises. We have a great range of A boards, chalkboards and swing signs to suit any type of business and weather conditions.

Banners and event flags are great for larger businesses that are situated on busy roads or retail parks. Use bright colours and short, clear messaging to draw the maximum amount of attention to your Mother’s Day promotions and offers from passing cars and pedestrians.

Create eye-catching Mother’s Day store displays

Once you’ve used outdoor signage to encourage shoppers inside, retailers need to continue to use effective signage in-store to direct customers to their Mother’s Day sections. We hope our Mother’s Day retail display ideas will give you some inspiration.

Fashion and lifestyle retail stores

Our range of display crates, cubes and boxes are the perfect solution for showcasing your Mother’s Day-themed products in style. They are available in modern acrylic designs to suit any store, and also in sturdy wooden designs. 65% of shoppers say they’d like to buy more eco-friendly gifts, so wooden display crates could help you project your eco-credentials further [3]. They are stackable, so can even help you save on valuable floor space.

Use display cubes to display gifts, such as clothing and accessories. Crates and cubes add a touch of luxury to your products, which is very appealing to shoppers looking for something special to give to their mums. They also increase the visibility and perceived value of your products, therefore maximising their sales potential.

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display crates for retail

Clothes are a popular choice of gift for mothers - you can’t go too wrong with a nice jumper or scarf! Freestanding clothing rails offer a great way to increase the visibility of your key garments near the storefront. They come in two, three and four arm designs, as well as more industrial-style rails with wheels that can be moved around your store as needed.

Dump bins are also a great choice for displaying smaller Mother’s Day present ideas. Place by the checkout to encourage impulse purchases of low-value items, such as toiletries, hair accessories, keyrings and more, in order to increase your average order value.

To boost visibility and increase sales of more expensive Mother’s Day gifts, consider using countertop signage to create a high-end, in-store display.

handbag promotional sign

mothers day promotional sign

Placing signage directly next to your key items helps to draw the attention of customers passing by. It also encourages them to find out more about the product before committing fully to their gift purchase.

They are ideal for making a statement about your branded, more expensive items, such as handbags, cosmetics and clothing. Countertop signs are also perfect for displaying further information next to more technical products, such as computers and mobile phones, to customers passing by. If customers are going to buy a more expensive product for their mother, they need to be convinced that it has enough features or quality to be worth the money, especially during tough economic times.

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“Mother’s Day sees a dramatic increase in grocery spending, with products categorized as 'special', experiencing a 4.7% increase in sales as compared to an 'ordinary' week. ”- Grace Randall, AHDB [4]

Supermarkets and grocery stores

Dining out on Mothering Sunday is very popular in the UK, but a lot of us will also be planning to cook a special meal for our mums at home. This could be because of finances or wanting to prepare something homemade. In 2022, 64% of people surveyed said they would celebrate Mother’s Day with a home-cooked meal [3].

This gives supermarkets a great opportunity to offer themed meal kits and special offers on a selection of luxurious food items for families looking to impress their loved ones. Draw attention to your Mother’s Day offers by using a variety of effective POS displays.

Use the occasion to make recipe suggestions to customers that use a selection of your products. Display recipe cards at various points around your store, such as the deli, meat counter and fish counter, using leaflet holders. Offering useful extras like this to customers helps to build brand loyalty in future.

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Shelf talkers and wobblers are essential for supermarkets to draw attention to special offers on the shelf edge. Use bright shelf signage to highlight your special Mother’s Day offers to passersby. This works well if you're trying to highlight products that are of a higher quality or are here for a limited time only, such as a vintage wine.

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supermarket leaflet holder

wine aisle shelf talkers

Freestanding display units (known as FSDUs) are the ideal solution for supermarkets wishing to create themed Mother’s Day displays at the end of aisles. These end caps are a great tool for encouraging impulse purchases. They are hard for customers to ignore as they walk down the centre of the store to get to the aisle they are looking for. Our FSDUs can be fully branded with the design of your choice and have inbuilt data strips at the shelf edge.

Increase interest in your themed hospitality offers

Mother’s Day is a huge event for the hospitality sector. Many families will be treating their mums to an appreciative slap-up meal, so there is plenty of opportunity for pubs and restaurants to boost sales. 33% of Brits said in 2022 they want to try somewhere new for food and drinks on Mother’s Day [3]. Attract new, potentially loyal customers by showcasing your menu items in an eye-catching, appealing way.

The first part of your business that potential customers will interact with is your entrance. Cafe barriers are not only perfect for guiding customers inside and cordoning off outdoor seating areas, but they also have large banners to display your advertising messages. Simply using these banners to display that you're offering special deals for Mother’s Day will attract a lot of attention from passersby.

menu stand lectern at a restaurant entrance

afternoon tea sign

Once customers are inside, they may have to wait to be seated. Make the most of out this waiting time and provide customers with menus to read and information about your current promotions. Menu lecterns are great, as you're able to greet customers at the door and store a selection of menus to hand out to the queue.

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When seated, customers need to be able to clearly see your menu and also any special Mother’s Day offers that are available. Our countertop menu holders come in a variety of sizes and designs, including wooden, acrylic and metal. Whether you run a fancy restaurant or a rustic cafe - you’re sure to find a style to suit your business.

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Offer something extra to customers

While traditional gifts and Mother’s Day displays are still popular, many people are looking for something extra in their shopping experience. Approximately one-third of people gifted subscription boxes for their mums in 2021, so this could be something you can offer in-store [3]. When customers sign up for subscription boxes, you're guaranteeing revenue for a set amount of time and perhaps even gaining new loyal customers when the subscription period ends.

Alternatively, offering a gift-wrapping service in-store is a genuinely useful way to help your customers, while also boosting your average order value. Free gift guides given to customers in the weeks leading up to the Mother’s Day weekend could prove useful in securing sales and increasing interest in your product range.

Discover more ideas on how to boost sales during seasonal events in our short guide.

Alysha Bennett

Alysha Bennett

Alysha is a copywriter at UK POS, with experience working in B2B and B2C companies, as well as with charities. She has been researching consumer and retail trends to assist retailers in implementing effective point of sale materials into their own businesses for eight years.


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