Floor Standing Poster Frames

A poster stand or freestanding sign board is an eye-catching way to display signage in businesses. They're a great option for presenting promotional signs and information.

Floor standing poster frames

What are the benefits of floor standing sign holders?

Our stand alone display boards let you present posters, menus or promotions to your customers without using wall space. Floor standing signage can be used almost anywhere! They're very versatile and are available in a range of styles to suit almost any type of business.

What styles of free standing signs are available?

We manufacture a huge range of freestanding signs, including floor standing snap frames, information boards, menu boards, LED menu display stands, lecterns, totem signs and monolith signs.

Poster stands can be used to display restaurant menus, advertisements, directional signs and other information to attract passing customers.

Do you have LED floor standing signage?

We have LED backlit freestanding poster frames, totems and stands, which allow you to continue to advertise to passersby, even at night. This type of LED signage is especially useful for restaurants, as they can display their evening menus in atmospheric lighting.

Do you stock easel stands for sign displays?

Yes, we stock a range of easel stands for signs in various colours and styles. Many are even available with chalkboards or bespoke printed displays.

Floor standing sign holders
Display free standing signs with poster stands and easels
Poster stands and display easels from UK POS

What are totem signs and monolith signs?

Totem signs and monolith signs are narrow freestanding poster frames that are popular for wayfinding purposes. You can also use them to show off eye-catching, vertical, image-led promotions. Our illuminated totem signs have become very popular within department stores, as they are great for guiding customers to the right department and for showing off new fashion lines. Floor standing signage looks great and has a small footprint, taking up very little of your valuable floor space.

What size signs can I display on these poster stands?

Our freestanding poster frames can take a range of poster sizes, but the majority take standard A4, A3, A2 and A1 posters. We also sell a floor standing poster holder that can hold custom-sized posters almost two metres in height.

Are the freestanding poster frames angled or flat?

Our freestanding poster stands come in both angled and flat varieties so that you can choose the poster stand that is best suited for your business purpose. Angled floor standing signage is ideal for use by cafes and restaurants, while a flat poster stand is perfect for advertisements.