Essential POS Displays And Signage For The Public Sector

Public sector environments have different needs to retail and hospitality businesses, with a focus more on wayfinding and answering questions, as opposed to displaying promotions and pricing. If you are a public sector body, you can receive instant credit today with no minimum spend, no application forms and no questions asked. To place your order and pay via invoice please follow these simple steps.

We pride ourselves on being able to cater to libraries, schools, universities, the NHS, banks, the government and councils while offering unlimited support and guidance when it comes to any of our products. We have hospital signage, school signage, event signage and display tools for offices.

Indoor public sector signage for hospitals, schools and offices

Indoor display materials are essential to helping visitors to your site find their way around the premises, especially for large campuses that you often find in schools, universities and hospitals.

Wayfinding Signage

Large numbers of people enter university campuses, office blocks or large public sites such as hospitals every day, so it is imperative that they know how to navigate to the room or building that they are looking for.

Wayfinding signage covers a large variety of products, including overhead banners, freestanding posters, door signs and even interactive digital screens.

Printed signs and sign holders provide visitors with the information that they need to find their way to essential areas, such as toilets and meeting rooms. Providing this helpful information makes a big difference to the visitors' perception of your business, as it presents your establishment in a professional manner.

Our range of wall and door sifns are available in so many shapes and sizes, with the option to add your own custom branding or text, or choose from our popular pre-printed sign options.

Snap shut frames

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Snap frames are ideal for use in schools, colleges and offices, as they can be uodated without taking the frame off the wall. Use a fire-resistant option to conform to public building regulations.

Public notice boards

Shop noticeboards and whiteboards

Whiteboards and flipcharts are key tools for educational settings and offices. Notice boards are great for use in any public sector setting, We supply lockable and fire-resistant options for extra security.

Countertop sign holder

Shop countertop sign holders

Countertop signs often offer the simplest way to display vital information to visitors on your site, such as medical and safety guidance, names and job titles of staff and informational QR codes.

Feedback is essential to the public sector in order to improve visitor experience. Suggestion boxes are a simple yet effective way of improving visitor and job satisfaction. They allow you to collect votes, comments and competition entries for local council authorities, museums, libaries, schools and offices.

Lockable poster cases are ideal when you need to have information on display 24/7. If surgery open times, for example, are displayed outside, with a frame you can lock you can rest assured that they won’t be defaced and will remain clear for people to see at all times.

Digital signage is fantastic for advertising purposes, as well as providing an organisational service to many public services, including hospitals, schools and train stations.

Doctors' surgery and hospital digital signage can be a great tool, as interactive screens to allow patients to check in for their appointments and can run rolling public service announcements. Schools can use digital screens to show important announcements, such as dates for after school clubs, upcoming auditions, and other events.

Tablet holders and stands are an ideal lower cost solution for public sector companies. Tablets can be used as a wayfinding tool, or to find information quickly and easily. Many models are lockable and can be fixed to surfaces to combat theft.

Outdoor public sector signage

It’s no good having incredible point of sale signage indoors if you don’t have similarly effective signage outdoors. Outdoor signage is key to signposting and encouraging people onto your premises, ensuring that they engage with your business or institution.

If you're hosting an event or an open day, it is key that you have the right tools in place to let people know who and where you are and what's happening.

Pavement signs are also great for outside main entrances detailing event locations and times, something parents and students would benefit from during university or college open days, for example.

Perhaps you're hosting a sporting event, or providing first aid at an event and need to be easily spotted in large crowds or from a distance. Event flags are the perfect solution for this.