Essential POS Displays And Signage For The Public Sector

Public sector environments have different needs to retail and hospitality businesses, with a focus more on wayfinding and answering questions, as opposed to displaying promotions and pricing. If you are a public sector body, you can receive instant credit today with no minimum spend, no application forms and no questions asked. To place your order and pay via invoice please follow these simple steps.

We pride ourselves on being able to cater to libraries, schools, universities, the NHS, banks, the government and councils while offering unlimited support and guidance when it comes to any of our products. We have hospital signage, school signage, event signage and display tools for offices.

Indoor POS for hospitals, schools and offices

Indoor display materials are essential to helping visitors to your site find their way around the premises, especially for large campuses that you often find in schools, universities and hospitals.

Wayfinding Signage

Large numbers of people enter university campuses, office blocks or large public sites such as hospitals every day, so it is imperative that they know how to navigate to the room or building that they are looking for.

Illuminated display stands

wayfinding door signs

This is where wayfinding signage comes into play. Wayfinding signage covers a large variety of products, including overhead banners, freestanding posters, door signs and even interactive digital screens.

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Wall mounted signs provide visitors with the information that they need to find their way to essential areas, such as toilets and meeting rooms. Providing this helpful information makes a big difference to the visitors’ perception of your business, as it presents your establishment in a professional manner.

Our range of wall and door signs are available in so many shapes and sizes, with the option to add your own custom branding and text, or choose from our popular pre-printed sign options.

For organisations in larger buildings and on campuses, site maps with a ‘you-are-here’ marker are often used to give people a better sense of their surroundings.

They are a good idea in principle, however you must be aware of the design you use, as it could end up further confusing your clients. Ensure that the orientation of the map matches the viewers’ surroundings.

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‘You-are-here maps can complement a good signage system, but only if the map is orientated correctly’- Ebster and Garaus (Store Design and Visual Merchandising) [1]

For example, if someone is facing the map and can see the Science building in front of them, this building must be signposted as above the you-are-here marker on the site map. Put simply, ‘up’ must relate to ‘straight ahead’ in the real world environment.

Our Illuminated Mono Totem Display is ideal for use on large campuses, such as hospitals and universities, as it gives you ample space to display the main departments and their locations in one simple place.

Fire Resistant Snap Frames

Safety is a huge concern for the public sector and so your premises must be up to date with the latest regulations, including fire safety. Look out for the fire resistant icon on our products, which indicates that the product meets the fire resistant regulations for public buildings, including the BS EN 13501-1 classification and B1 DIN ratings.

We have various fire resistant noticeboards and snap frames that are suitable for use within the public sector. Fire resistant snap frames are ideal for use in schools, colleges and offices, as they can be updated without having to take the whole frame off the wall.

They use the same attractive aluminium frame as our other other snap frames but have tough galvanised steel back panels, rigid rear aluminium outer frames and thicker anti-glare APET poster covers.

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public sector signage

Notice Boards and Whiteboards

whiteboards for offices

noticeboards for schools

Whiteboards are absolutely key tools for educational settings and offices, as a way for students and staff to write down and share ideas in an interactive way.

Our Double Sided Whiteboard is perfect, as the wheeled base means that it can be moved around rooms quickly and easily whenever needed.

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Notice boards are great for use in any public sector setting, as they can be used to display a number of important notices at one time in lobbies, corridors and meeting rooms. Use alongside our push pins for a simple display solution.

Our lockable notice boards are ideal for use in areas where your messages or displays may be prone to vandalism, or where push pins are considered a safety risk.

They are available in a range of sizes and feature locks on the hinged door that can only be opened by authorised keyholders.

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Leaflet Holders, Brochure Carousels and Magazine Stands

Parents are always keen to take away information regarding schools, colleges or universities, so having a brochure stand would not only present a professional message to visitors, but also allows them to pick and choose their literature as they want. We also offer collapsible leaflet holders if you are hosting a temporary event.

Waiting areas can be lonely and quite dull, which is what makes people reach for something to read. Why not have them neatly and professionally displayed in an acrylic display stand like a leaflet dispenser? This way, not only is everything organised in your waiting area or reception, but it is also one less thing for you to tidy at the end of a long shift.

While Leaflet Holders are great in waiting areas and receptions, they are also a necessity behind the scenes. Doctors, nurses and teachers have endless files with important information, sometimes to be passed between staff members at the end of a shift.

These could easily be stored in a Stackable Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispenser so not only saving you vital table and shelf space, but also creating a practical solution to an otherwise awkward-to-store object.

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brochure carousel for library

Suggestion Boxes

The public sector has always got to be open to public feedback, so what better way is there to gather it than from people currently using your services?

suggestion box for offices

If you are offering a service, feedback is essential and always welcome for those who are looking to improve the user experience.

Suggestion Boxes are a very simple, yet effective, way of improving not only your customer satisfaction, but your job satisfaction. They offer a great way of collecting votes, comments and even competition entries within local council authorities, museums, libraries, schools and offices.

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Freestanding Sign Holders

Sign holders often offer the simplest way to display vital information to visitors to your site.

Place freestanding sign holders on your countertops to display useful information within your school, hospital or other public building, such as medical guidance, names and job titles of staff, QR codes that take the user to your website for further information, and current job vacancies.

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Signs for library counters

Digital Signage

Digital screens with brochure holders tablet holder can be used in a meeting

Digital signage is fantastic for advertising purposes, as well as providing an organisational service to many public services, including hospitals, schools and train stations.

Doctors' surgery and hospital digital signage can be a great tool, as you could use interactive screens to allow patients to check in for their appointments and call waiting patients to the relevant room, as well as being able to run rolling public service announcements in-between. Schools could use digital screens to show important announcements to students as they move around the school, such as dates for after school clubs, upcoming auditions, and other events.

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Tablet holders and stands are an ideal lower cost solution for public sector companies that already have iPads or other tablets to hand. Tablets are great for visitors to your company to use as a wayfinding tool, or to find information quickly and easily. Many models are lockable and can be fixed to surfaces to combat theft.

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Outdoor POS for the public sector

It’s no good having incredible point of sale signage indoors if you don’t have similarly effective signage outdoors. Outdoor point of sale signage is key to encouraging people onto your premises and ensuring that they engage with your business or institution.

Outdoor Leaflet Dispensers

Much like the lockable snap frames, outdoor leaflet holders are great for both 24/7 buildings and those that do close yet will attract out of hours inquiries. These leaflet holders can be fitted at the entrance of a doctors or dentists or even indoors if you work in a wet environment and want to ensure your literature won't come into contact with any water.

Pavement Signs

If you are hosting an event or an open day, it is key that you have the right tools in place to let people know where you are, who are and what is happening.

For university or college open days, for example, people most likely will not know their way around, so A boards are a great way to add clear directions for everyone.

Pavement signs are also great for outside main entrances detailing what is happening in this building and at what time, something many parents and students would benefit from. Floor standing poster frames also make for great directional props.

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chalkboard pavement sign for public sector


event flags

Perhaps you are hosting a sporting event, or are providing first aid at an event and need to be easily spotted in large crowds.

Flags are the perfect solution.

They are designed to withstand bad weather, can be personalised to match your brand and will stand out in the busiest of places. Flags can be a real asset to first aid stations.

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Overnight POS

Many establishments need to have information on display 24/7, so this is when lockable poster cases can come in handy. If surgery open times, for example, are displayed outside, with a frame you can lock you can rest assured that they won’t be defaced and will remain clear for people to see at all times. Again, for establishments that don’t sleep, signage needs to be clear at all times. Pavement signs would come in use in this situation to direct people to A&E or to a certain area of the hospital.

Alysha Bennett

Alysha Bennett

Alysha is a copywriter at UK POS, with experience working in B2B and B2C companies, as well as with charities. She has been researching consumer and retail trends to assist retailers in implementing effective point of sale materials into their own businesses for eight years.


1. Ebster and Garaus, Store Design and Visual Merchandising: Creating Store Space That Encourages Buying (New York: Business Expert Press, 2015), p47.