Display Cleaning Accessories

Keep your displays pristine with our display cleaning accessories. From microfibre cloths to cleaning solutions designed for chalkboards and acrylic, maintain a spotless presentation effortlessly.

Display Cleaning Accessories

Keep your displays look brighter and newer for longer with our specially designed acrylic cleaning products for displays, including plastic cleaner, soft polishing cloths and an acrylic scratch removal kit.

If you have a lot of merchandising displays, leaflet holders or acrylic screens around your business, you will need a professional and efficient way to keep them looking good.

Acrylic display maintenance can be easy and inexpensive when using just a few simple supplies. Almost every business will have some form of acrylic display, and these display cleaning products are great for use across all sectors.

How to clean acrylic displays

  1. First, spray some acrylic display cleaner onto a soft microfibre cloth.
  2. Wipe your acrylic, glass or plastic display products gently with the cloth to remove any dirt and grease.
  3. After cleaning, inspect your acrylic or glass display carefully to identify any damage.
  4. If you notice any scuffs, polish them using our acrylic scratch removal kit.
  5. Buff out deep scratches using the abrasive paper, or simply polish the surface using the paste and cloth.
  6. Clean the display unit or screen again using the display cleaning spray and microfibre cloth.
  7. Your acrylic displays should now appear as good as new!
How to clean acrylic displays and how to remove scratches from acrylic, acrylic cleaning products Displays look good as new with display cleaning accessories

How to remove scratches from acrylic

Our scratch remover kit (aka plastic polish) is designed to help restore worn acrylic POS displays. To remove scratches from acrylic, simply 1) apply the scratch remover 2) buff with the provided abrasive paper, and 3) polish to a shine. This is a great way to ensure your POS displays continue to look pristine. An acrylic polishing cloth is a necessary addition to any POS display cleaning accessories as regular dusting is the best way to keep your merchandising looking fresh.

How to polish acrylic

Our anti static acrylic cleaner is made without silicone or abrasive waxes to protect your display. Used together, the acrylic cleaner and microfibre cloth can help keep your display smudge-free and crystal clear. The acrylic cleaning spray can be used on acrylic, glass, mirrors, styrene, polycarbonate and most plastics.