Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard Signs

Why are chalkboard signs so popular?

Blackboard signage has become really popular in recent years, especially with cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars, because they have a rustic appearance and can be easily customised and changed on a daily basis, without the need to print a new poster.

How do you write on a blackboard?

While you can use stick chalk, most of our customers use liquid chalk markers. They're quicker and easier to use and allow you to produce much clearer, more stylish signs. Chalk art has become really popular with cafes and we sell a range of liquid chalk markers and stencils to make creating professional signs easier.

What kinds of chalkboard sign are available?

We stock a huge range of these signs, from the usual A board or pavement sign and freestanding chalkboard style, to small table top chalkboards, wall mounted framed chalkboards, custom printed chalkboards and smaller silhouettes.

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Can you advise me how to remove liquid chalk marker?

We sell a special chalk pen remover solution that makes it easier to get liquid chalk pen off your sign. Liquid chalk markers produce water resistant signs that can withstand a bit of weather before the ink needs replenishing, but to remove the ink fully you need a special solution and a soft cloth.