Waterproof Signs and Outdoor Displays

No matter what type of business you run, from retail to hospitality and more, you will undoubtedly benefit from using outdoor signs.

Unfortunately, weather can be unpredictable, with rain and wind impacting what you're able to display.

Invest in weatherproof signs for outdoors to ensure that your messages are seen by potential customers, regardless of the forecast.

Be confident in your outdoor displays and choose durable, weather resistant signs to reduce your weather worries.

Weatherproof outdoor signs
Waterproof signs for businesses are an essential addition

Weatherproof outdoor signs from UK POS

While all of our heavy duty pavement signs have some level of weather resistance, our Weatherproof Pavement Sign is truly the most reliable option. This is due to its watertight seal and spring covers.

The LED option offers a truly eye-catching illuminated display. It's weather rated to IP56, ensuring that the LEDs, and your posters, are all protected.

Both of these signs are our most weatherproof outdoor sign holders. They conveniently still allow you to swap your posters out whenever required.

Using rigid waterproof posters will reassure you that your prints won't run or crinkle when exposed to moisture.

Our weatherproof outdoor signs are also built with UV-resistant covers, meaning your outdoor displays are more resistant to the discolouration and degradation that the sun's rays can cause. It's like using sunscreen for your outdoor poster displays!

Metal panel pavement swing signs are another safe choice for your waterproof pavement signs. These signs are printed directly onto the panels, so you've no need to worry about posters running or wrinkling in the rain.

The printed aluminium panels are rainproof, rustproof, and printed with UV-resistant inks. The water base version is the best option for wind-resistance. You can fill it with up to 30 litres of water to weigh it down.

Our standard lockable poster case isn't fully watertight or IP rated. However, when used with waterproof posters, it is water-resistant and provides some level of protection from the rain. The illuminated outdoor poster frame, on the other hand, is rated IP56, so you can have more confidence in your outdoor posters. This outdoor poster frame comes in very large sizes, making it ideal for bigger applications such as cinema posters.

Waterproof outdoor menu displays are a necessity for restaurants and bars in order to attract new customers, regardless of the weather. The LED wall mounted menu cases and floor-standing menu cases are also both IP rated for weather resistance. An illuminated display provides an attractive glow which is particularly effective after dark.

The LED-illuminated outdoor signs vary in how they're powered, so ensure you have the correct, safe power source to use these. The LED Lockable Poster Case unit is mains powered, the LED Outdoor Menu Case must be hardwired into mains, and the LED Outdoor Menu Stand can be mains or battery powered.

For hospitality businesses with outdoor areas, a cafe barrier set is a great way to display your branding outdoors on waterproof outdoor banners.

You can have these outdoor banners printed on either one side, or completely double sided. They're designed specifically for use outdoors, so the print won't be ruined in the rain.

Despite the name, they're not just for cafes. They're perfect for restaurants, pubs and bars to put a border around your beer garden or al fresco dining location.

They're great for nightclubs and festivals too. You can use them to create a branded queue border or designated smoking area.

Leaflet holder for outside

Outdoor Leaflet Holders

Outdoor leaflet holders have a hinged lid to keep your literature covered but accessible at all times.

Extra large weatherproof signs for outdoors

Teardrop or Feather Flags

Event flags are specially-designed for outdoor use, with sturdy bases and waterproof print.

Waterproof display stand

Outdoor Showcard Stand

Use these rustproof outdoor showcard stands with waterproof or laminated posters.

Wall mounted waterproof outdoor sign

Acrylic Business Plaques

Our business plaques are custom printed directly onto the acrylic, perfect for use outside.

Whether the weather is sunshine or rain, effective weatherproof outdoor displays are a must for almost all businesses to increase visibility! Get more inspiration on how to use your weatherproof outdoor signs to attract customers.