Digital Advertising Screens

A digital display screen is the most effective form of advertising you can use to engage customers and passersby. Our Digini digital display advertising offers bright high-resolution graphics, with strong tempered glass screens.

Digital Advertising Screens

What are digital signage displays?

Show vibrant digital displays of still images, slideshows, videos or presentations around your business with a digital signage screen. Advertising screens are much more eye-catching than conventional signage and add a premium feel to any setting.

What are the advantages of digital advertising?

There are many reasons for your business to invest in digital advertising screens:

  • They make it easy for you to update your display regularly by simply uploading from a USB.
  • Digital media screens engage customers more than traditional printed media.
  • You can set your displays to run at certain times of the day to target specific customers.
  • Digital displays involving videos and moving images lead to your business being perceived as modern and sophisticated by customers.
  • The addition of digital advertising screens in-store leads to a customer's perceived wait time dropping. This, therefore, gives them a more positive view of your brand overall.

What forms of digital screens are available?

Our range currently includes freestanding and wall mounted digital displays in digital totem, digital A board and digital screen format. These high quality wall mounted digital posters and vertical freestanding digital screens take up little room for their screen size. This gives you lots of impact without getting in the way of your customers. We also stock touch screen displays and motion activated screens for interactive displays.

How are digital advertising displays powered?

Our digital retail advertising screens are all mains powered for indoor use and provided with a 2m or 3m cable.

Digital display screens for advertising using a digital signage screen
Digital signage displays advertising display

Where can I use a digital advertising board?

Our customers are using digital signage displays in a wide range of places. A digital display board is ideal for use in receptions, lobbies, conference halls, exhibitions and within department stores.

LCD advertising screens are suitable for indoor use only, but look great in virtually any location.

How do digital displays work in retail?

Digital displays are essentially large screens that play your chosen media. Choose from video, stills, slideshow formats, or even a mixture of the three. Start by preparing images of the right size, orientation and resolution on your Mac or PC. Then, simply transfer the files to a USB stick and plug it into the digital display.

From here, you can choose to show a slideshow of images or a video. You can even show both at once via a split-screen view on your digital screens.

We have Android advertising display screens available, which allow you to download and run your choice of apps, as well as optional CMS software upgrades which add a host of other benefits. They allow you to use RSS feeds, display just your own website, and add a range of other widgets to display self-updating content.

What features do digital display screens have?

Our digital advertising display screens are fitted with USB ports for file transfer, as well as internal storage to hold your presentations. They can play a variety of media files, from images to videos, and the majority have speakers and full HD screens, too. Some of our units even have touch screen displays. Each screen varies, so make sure to check the specifications before you buy.