LED and Illuminated Signs

LED Signs, Illuminated Light Boxes and Electronic Scrollers

What is a lightbox frame?

LED light boxes and frames use energy efficient bulbs to illuminate your posters. This makes them stand out both at day and night far better than a regular poster, with images that look as sharp as an HD image on a computer screen. An illuminated light box is extremely eye-catching, modern, professional and works brilliantly in both brightly lit stores and darker areas.

Why use an LED click frame?

An LED click frame is an easy to use and yet highly effective form of poster display. The LED click frame simply clicks open and shut to release or hold your backlit sign, making poster changeovers quick and easy for any staff members.

LED business signs enhance the image of any premises, from restaurants to department stores, providing a stylish and upmarket appearance. We supply these in a wide range of colours and styles, meaning we are bound to have an LED poster holder to suit you. Buy today for next day delivery.

Do I need illuminated signage?

Lightbox signs are a modern and attention-grabbing way to present messages to your customers and to attract visitors into your business, and they make a great alternative to neon signs. They can be used to illuminate dark corners, or draw the eye to various areas inside your establishment.

LED displays are also ideal for use in businesses which are open at night as a brightly lit window display is a quick way for people on the street to recognise that your business is present and open.

Where should I use LED displays?

LED signs are particularly popular in bars, takeaways and convenience stores as they can attract attention on the darkest nights even from far away. A bright window display can make your business look vibrant and inviting.

LED signage is also great for use in leisure and hospitality settings or even nightclubs, to display messages such as event information, useful reminders, or even just fun messaging. All of our LED signs are suitable for hanging in windows or against walls, so you can display your illuminated signs wherever you want.

LED poster frames in a cinema

Where can I use LED poster frames?

We manufacture LED snap frame poster cases that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our range includes wall mounted frames of various sizes, as well as smaller illuminated frames, right up to huge floor standing LED light boxes and double sided illuminated totems. A backlit frame is ideal for holding a movie poster, advert or simple directional message -there are no limits!

How are these advertising display light boxes powered?

All of our high quality LED lightboxes are mains powered and come with a small 12V power pack that you'll need to plug in near the frame. Cable lengths are typically around 1-2m, so they're generally very simple to install and you won't usually need an electrician.

What type of posters should I use in my illuminated displays?

Some of our illuminated poster frames and LED light boxes can be used with standard poster paper. However, for the ultimate clarity and brightness we highly recommend printing your artwork onto special backlit transparencies, such as Duratrans.

Where can I get backlit posters?

We stock a range of backlit posters and can print these for you with your custom artwork. You can either upload your artwork when you buy your frame and we'll print your custom posters, or you can buy your custom printed backlit LED display posters separately.