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Knowing what point of sale displays you need to maximise your business potential can be tricky, and knowing how to use each piece to its full potential is another challenge.

No matter your style of business, there will be something for you. Whether you're based on a market stall, in an office block, or a busy shopping centre, you need to be able to attract the passing trade as well as engage people once they are inside your business.

Click our point of sale buying guides below to help reduce the hassle and outline what products you really need.

Point of sale display guides for retailers from UK POS
We supply point of sale displays to suit every industry.

If you're looking for some more in-depth knowledge on the theory behind the displays, check out our Knowledge Hub. It's packed with fascinating insights into point of sale advertising and visual merchandising, based on a combination of academic research and hands-on industry expertise.

POS buyers' guides

Snap frames buying guide

Snap frames buying guide

Snap frames are probably the most widely used forms of point of sale display product used to present posters and other materials. They come in a wide range of sizes to suit any size poster.

Acrylic point of sale products buying guide

Acrylic POS buying guide

Retail stores are filled with opportunities to increase both the volume of sales and the average order value using the correct point of sale display products. Acrylic POS is often the first choice.

Shelf talkers buying guide

Shelf talkers and barkers buying guide

Go into any supermarket or larger retail store and you'll find shelf talkers attached to their shelves. Here's what you need to know about picking the right ones.

How to buy A boards

A boards and sandwich boards buying guide

Whether you call them A Boards, Sandwich Boards or Pavement Signs, they all do the same job and can all increase the number of people coming into your business.

Outdoor and waterproof snap frames buying guide

Outdoor snap frames buying guide

Snap frames are the perfect way to neatly and professionally display posters in and around your business, and many are ideal for use outdoors.

Menu holders buying guide

Menu holders buying guide

Menu holders are essential for keeping your establishment looking neat, tidy and professional. They make it easier for your customer to scan of all the information.

How to buy dump bins

Dump bins buying guide

Increasing impulse buys around your store is a simple yet effective way of increasing your average order value. Dump bins make presenting bargains easy.

Table talkers buying guide

Table talkers buying guide

Table talkers are a great way to get your messages seen by customers. They're great for menus, lists of services, and promotional information.