Shelf Edge Fixings and Data Strips

Shelf strips and shelf sign fixings are crucial for retail environments, allowing you to add prices, product information, barcodes, branding and special offers directly to your shelf edges.

Shelf edge fixings and data strips

Does my business need shelf edge fixings?

For retail businesses, shelf edge sign holders, fixings and shelf management systems are an essential consideration. Retail shelving is where the majority of your products are likely to be located, and so it is important to think about how best to merchandise these in order to encourage customers to buy.

What can I use to label products on my shelves?

Shelved items sometimes need to go the extra mile to catch the eye of customers. Shelf talkers are an easy to use form of ticket holder which slot neatly into your shelf edge and can be updated with new tickets whenever you choose. We supply these with and without adhesive with different fixing styles, so you are bound to find a shelf talker to suit your needs.

How do I draw attention to specific products and offers using shelf edging?

Shelf wobblers are a great way to display special offer and sale signs right at the very edge of your shelving. They are adhesive at both ends, allowing you to attach one end to your shelving, and the other end to a promotional sign of your choice, to project beyond the shelf edge and visually jump out at passing customers so they can't miss your great deals.

Magnetic LED shelf lighting kit
Supermarket shelf edging. Retail shelf edge strips. Use a bespoke shelf edge strip for enhanced branding.

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How can I enhance my shelf edge strips?

Data strips for shelves can be designed specially to make your retail shelf displays more attractive to customers. We supply coloured infill strips which you can slot in to brighten and even colour code your product shelving.

Additionally, we have an in-house printing team who can even make your bespoke printed shelf strips for you.

How can I make my shelf edge edge fixings look sleek and high-end?

If you want to achieve a premium look at a reasonable price, then look no further than our LED shelf lighting kits! We have adhesive and magnetic LED light bars to suit nearly all shelf types, which allow you to highlight key items on your shelves with a soft white LED glow.

We also have Illuminated LED Ticket Strips which provide a backlight to your data strip promotional messages, as well as shining a light on the products below it.