Chalkboard Accessories

Chalkboard accessories, such as chalkboard pens, chalk stencils, blackboard paints and cleaning sprays, are all designed for use with chalk signs to ensure a stylish and effective chalkboard display for your point of sale.

Chalkboard Accessories

Do you supply chalkboard accessories?

Yes, chalkboard accessories are essential additions to help you create eye-catching blackboard promotions.

At UK POS, we ensure we always have plenty of stock of our most popular chalk accessories, in order for you to make the most of your chalkboard advertising.

Are blackboard pens waterproof?

Rarely are any blackboard pens truly waterproof. Most makers don't advertise theirs as waterproof chalk pens. However, they are fairly shower resistant once they've been allowed to dry thoroughly.

You can write a message on your blackboard or chalkboard sign and leave it outside in the rain and it will generally remain in place for some time. Before long, however, you will need to re-apply the chalk pen.

chalkboard pens blackboard pens

Check out our chalkboard sign writing guide for tips and ideas.

Chalkboard painted wall

What is blackboard paint used for?

Chalkboards wear naturally with time. They can start to go grey, show ghosted images from chalkboard paint messages and the surface can rub off if you use an abrasive chalkboard eraser. Most chalkboards can be rejuvenated by giving them a coat of blackboard paint to freshen them up.

What should I write on my chalkboards?

Our customers have used our chalk board pens to create some really creative chalk boards. Plan out your design carefully, use a range of blackboard marker pen sizes and colours, and use chalkboard stencils to give your chalk boards the most professional look possible.

Can I use chalk markers as a pen for glass?

Yes, our chalk markers are suitable for writing on non-porous surfaces such as glass. Try using a pen for glass windows, or even on countertops and display cases.