Clothes Rails

Clothing racks, clothes rail shop fittings and garment rails

How to display clothes in retail

The way you display your clothes in your retail store can say a lot about your brand. It also affects how customers perceive the quality of your garments. Our range of shop display rails helps to showcase your clothing in a way that is both stylish and practical.

If your clothes are presented in a thoughtless way, this could make customers think your clothing is low quality. Use our clothing rails to professionally present your clothing display to customers, or use as extra storage space.

Why should I use freestanding clothes rails?

Heavy duty clothes rails allow customers to walk all the way around for a 360 degree view of your products. You can use card holders and graphic holders to divide your retail clothes rail into sections by size or colour. This helps your customers find the item they want much faster.

Our tall, sturdy clothes rails allow long garments to hang down without becoming crumpled at the bottom and gathering creases.

Gridwall and slatwall mounted clothes rails

If your visual merchandising retail clothes display needs to be reconfigured regularly, hanging arms and rails are perfect for your needs. The rails attach to your gridwall or slatwall wall panels or freestanding displays to create a space-saving garment display solution.

Are garment rails easy to assemble?

Our freestanding garment racks don't require tools for assembly. Each piece slots together using a clip-lock system to help you easily build a secure frame in minutes. Our hanging rails have back plates which slot directly onto your panels, so that you can set up a display instantly.

Shop display rails, garment rails and retail clothes rails for shops
Clothes rail shop fittings and retail clothing rails

Retail clothes rail sign holders

Click above to check out our selection of sign holders for retail garment rails and clothing displays.

Heavy duty garment rails for storage

Our Heavy Duty Superior Reinforced Clothes Rail is designed for use in industrial settings. Our industrial clothes rails feature reinforced steel bars and heavy duty wheels. This allows them to hold up to 100kg in weight, without losing shape.

Fashion rails for clothing display

Wall mounted rail arms are widely used to display garments from gridwall and slatwall in retail stores. Our freestanding rails provide extra hanging space in the centre of your store. You can also use them to display a specific range of clothing.

Use the clothes racks to hold sale items or create an industrial style visual merchandising display for your latest items. Our racks on wheels allow you to move your displays around your retail space easily.

Clothing display stands

In addition to wheeled freestanding clothes racks, at UK POS we also stock a range of clothing display stands for retail. They come in various options, with different amounts of rails and rail types to suit your business needs. These include choices between 2, 3 and 4 arms with either sloped or straight designs. The other benefit of these is that the arms are adjustable in height to suit your products and available store space.

How do I display my signage and prices?

We supply a wide range of rail sign holders and other accessories for displaying prices and promotions directly on your racks. These are designed with various attachments to suit different display types. You may also wish to check out our range of product tagging supplies for attaching labels directly onto your stock.