Cafe Barrier Systems and Queue Barriers

Our printed cafe barrier systems will define and brand your outdoor spaces, while queue barriers help with people management. Retractable barriers are ideal for varying queue lengths, whereas rope barriers have a more stylish aesthetic.

Cafe Barrier Systems and Queue Barriers

What are cafe barriers for?

The purpose of our cafe barriers is generally to designate certain areas, such as outdoor seating for cafes and restaurants. Our cafe, restaurant and pub barriers are available with bespoke printing to boost your brand recognition. They can double up as a fantastic advertising tool for outside your venue.

Can I use these cafe barrier kits outside my pub or restaurant?

Our printed outdoor cafe barriers are suitable for all types of businesses, not just cafes. They are often used to create outdoor seating areas in pubs, bars and restaurants. They also simultaneously offer a way to promote your business to passersby.

The printed cafe banners, or branded café barriers, are available either single or double sided. Our branded cafe barriers can be customized with your design. They offer a great way to advertise your business outdoors.

How to organise a queue

  1. Use simple, effective queue management solutions to improve customer satisfaction and flow.
  2. Use retractable barriers to cover large or changing areas, such as for airport queue barriers.
  3. Use twisted or velvet rope barrier kits for a more exclusive feel.
  4. Making queuing systems more entertaining for your customers is more profitable for you.
  5. Use signs and floor stickers as extra visual aids.

Can large planter boxes be used as barriers?

Yes, you can use our large wooden planters as a barrier around seating areas, and simply to enhance the atmosphere. You can use them with real plants or faux hedge inserts, and we can even make them in bespoke sizes and colours for you.

Queue management with rope queue barriers, ideal in retail and airport queue barriers
Read our guide to understand how retail queues work.

Where should I use retractable queue barriers?

Retractable barriers are ideal for areas where the size of the queue may vary over time, such as at clubs, meet and greets, signings, airports, and coach stations. You can extend the system by adding more black or stainless steel posts, as each one has a built-in connector belt in your choice of colour.

Guide customers into the queue with a poster holder, which are available as an optional extra with the kits. They can be used to inform customers as they move along the line. This helps with managing customer service expectations and reducing perceived wait times.

Which queue barrier system should I use at events?

Velvet or twisted rope barriers are a great choice for events where you want to create a luxurious, upmarket appearance. They are clearly recognized as a way to manage queues or create separate areas. Our high quality printed banner kits are also a great way to advertise your brand or event.

Chain barriers are a great way to indicate that visitors are not to enter a specific area. All of our barrier systems can be used with poles, and/or fixed to a wall.