Leaflet Holders and Dispensers

Organise and showcase your literature with our selection of leaflet holders. They keep brochures and flyers easy to access and looking professional. Choose from a range of options, including wall mounted literature holders, magazine stands and countertop dispensers.

Leaflet Holders and Dispensers

Leaflet display units are a great way to help keep your business organised and tidy, while maximising the visibility of your literature. Having your brochures, leaflets, magazines or business cards professionally displayed will encourage people to browse.

Brochure display stands work well in receptions, waiting rooms, service counters and any area of your business where people are waiting.

Many businesses can benefit from a floor standing literature display or brochure stand in their reception areas. This includes banks, hotels, spas, showrooms, shops and public sector buildings, such as doctors and universities.

What types of literature stand are available?

There is a leaflet display stand to suit every purpose. From floor standing leaflet holders and wall mounted brochure dispensers, to counter top leaflet holders and even slatwall leaflet dispensers; we stock them all.

Counter standing leaflet and brochure holders are perfect for utilising space and keeping waiting areas neat and tidy. Wall mounted leaflet holders will maximise the visibility of your literature and can be placed almost anywhere in your business.

Leaflet rack for literature displays

For retail purposes, you may wish to consider a dispenser that is suitable for attaching to slatwall or shelf edges. A multipurpose leaflet holder is a brilliant solution for retail as they are easy to mount to your slatwall panels. However, they can also be used on your countertop or mounted on a wall.

Shelf edge leaflet dispensers attach to a scanner rail on shelf edges. This makes them ideal for retail use such as in supermarkets and petrol stations.

Ensure your company literature is available out of hours with an outdoor leaflet holder. This will simultaneously display your leaflets and brochures, and protect them from the elements. Our A Board Leaflet Holder is ideal for attaching flyers next to your promotional signage outside for passersby to take.

Acrylic brochure holders

What are the advantages of leaflets for businesses? Are flyers effective?

Check out our guide on how flyers and brochures work for various types of businesses.

What are leaflet holders made of?

We make a vast selection of leaflet dispensers in a range of high-quality materials, all with different benefits.

Acrylic leaflet holders boast a crystal-clear finish with diamond-polished edges, perfect for professional displays. Styrene dispensers are a more cost-effective yet still high-quality alternative. Other options include Foamex, PVC, wood, wire and cardboard leaflet holders.

Should I use a tiered brochure holder?

If you have multiple pieces of literature to display in one unit, a tiered leaflet dispenser is a perfect solution. The added height of tiers will ensure that all of your brochures are visible in the holders. Available with up to four tiers.

Using leaflet stands allows you to save vital countertop space by displaying all your literature in one compact unit. It also allows you to place corresponding literature neatly together.

Leaflet holder in a hotel