A Boards

A Boards, also known as sandwich boards, are double-sided signs which display either posters or chalkboards. These A-frame signs are really effective when used outside businesses to attract customers and promote offers.

A Frame Sandwich Board Signs

Where are A Boards used?

A-board signs are a fantastic way to advertise your business outdoors and increase footfall, or for promoting offers and displaying information indoors. They're also ideal for use in educational or community facilities to share notices or event details.

How should I update my A board signs?

If you are using chalk for advertising, we recommend decorating with our liquid chalk pens, which are available in a wide range of attractive colours and water resistant within an hour. When using posters, it is best to use semi rigid waterproof posters to prevent crinkling. Ensure your signs have a clear, legible font so as not to confuse shoppers.

What type of A frame sign is right for my business?

The style you choose should depend on your business branding and theme, although we do supply options to suit all budgets.

A frame signs

Check out our Sandwich Boards Buying Guide

Look at other businesses for inspiration, see what they use, and compare them to your own business needs. For example, a fast food style outlet may wish to use silver signs as they present a clean and modern finish, however a café or health food store may wish to use a sign with a wooden frame or a chalk surface to promote a more rustic, homely impression.

For a versatile option, a double sided Snap Frame Wooden Chalkboard gives you the option of either displaying a chalk sign, a printed poster, or both - one on each side.

A frame advertising board signs

White frames are perfectly suited to health and technology-based poster displays, due to their crisp and clean appearance.

What size is an A board?

The most popular A board sizes are size A1 and A2, however we do supply them in a range of other sizes too. These include A0, 20" x 30", 30" x 40" and 40" x 60".

What colours of A Frame Advertising Signs are available?

At UK POS, we stock a wide range of A frame advertising signs in white, black, silver, blue and red, as well as wooden frames. Black and white frames offer you a clean, simple style, while red and blue frames are more eye-catching and bold.

Do you supply digital options?

Our Digital A-Board makes an attractive freestanding display that can be programmed to display images and graphics (or both via split screen function). Digital advertising screens grab attention far more effectively than printed graphics do, and this sturdy freestanding digital sign in white or black adds a superior feel to lobbies, shopping malls and exhibitions. With its bright LCD display, this digital advertising stand will catch the eye of customers and visitors, even from far away.

Can I get my A frame sign with branding?

Yes! Among our branded A board options is our Rounded Pavement Sign with Magnetic Cover. Its header space is available with or without custom printed branding. Alternatively, we also supply signs with snap frame headers, so you can include a poster with your branding in this area if required.