Floor Standing Leaflet Holders

Leaflet stands keep your literature displays organised and appealing for passersby. They're available in various sizes, however, the many A4 options make them popular for use as a magazine stand or brochure stand.

Leaflet Display Stands

Why use a floor standing leaflet holder or magazine rack?

Capturing customer attention and encouraging them to pick up literature is key for any business. A well-placed floor standing leaflet holder or a magazine rack can attract customers and make your literature far more appealing. They act as a low-maintenance visual merchandising display.

Can I use my magazine stand outdoors?

You should not use your floor standing brochure holder outdoors, as it is not weatherproof. Indoor or covered areas are the best places to create your floor standing literature display. Our collapsible racks would be ideal to use at a trade show or exhibition, as they are portable and can fold away.

Do you supply magazine racks with advertising space?

Some of our brochure stands are available with a header for you to insert your graphics. Or, we have various options of leaflet stands that feature poster frames. We also supply a Brochure and Banner Display Stand, which we can supply with a custom printed banner for you on request.

Can I get customised floor standing leaflet holders?

We can manufacture a floor standing booklet rack in any colour or with bespoke company branding. Speak to a member of our sales team for a quote.

Leaflet display stands from UK POS
Our full range of leaflet stands and magazine racks includes something to suit every business!

What type of leaflet stand do I need?

We supply many styles of free standing leaflet holders. You can choose one that matches your company's style and needs. We carry single and double tier magazine stands which are a more traditional method of stacking newspapers and magazines. They can hold them at an angle, making them easier to see.

At UK POS we also supply a good variety of multiple tier magazine stands, including collapsible brochure holders which are easy to fold down and transport, making them ideal for events and conferences.

Use a revolving magazine stand to make your leaflets, magazines or postcards visible at once.