Shelf Dividers and Organisers

A shelf divider keep products on your retail shelves neat and upright, separating different products from eachother. Shelf risers stop products from falling off the front of your shelves. Other shelf organising products we supply include merchandising trays and shingle units.

Shelf Organisers and Shelf Dividers UK

Why use shelf dividers and shelf organisers?

Your customer's time is precious to them and they prefer to shop in a neat and cohesive environment. Using shelf risers and dividers, shelf organisers and other retail shelf accessories will help to keep your products on the shelves and standing upright. This gives them a tidy appearance and makes it easier for your customer to shop.

How do I stop my products falling from the shelves?

An acrylic shelf riser is a really simple and effective way to prevent products from being brushed off the front of your shelves, a common problem in busy retail areas. The shelf riser simply slots into your shelving data strip to create a discreet and effective shelf front.

For a comprehensive shelf management solution to modernise your shelf merchandising, you might want to take a look at our shelf management kits. These kits neatly arrange goods on your shelf and push them to the front once one item has been taken.

Which shelf dividers will fit my shelving?

We supply breakable shelf dividers which are made with convenient notches at the back so you can easily snap them down to the required length if they don't fit.

Shelf organisers, including risers and shelf dividers from UK POS
Use shelf dividers with fixing profiles to organise goods on your shelves. Add shelf riser fronts to stop items falling over.

What are shingle units used for?

PVC Shingle Units are a convenient and cost effective way to display packets on your shelves and reduce the irritation of them falling over and making a mess.

Our shingle unit has evenly placed ridges to help your product stand upright and they are designed with perforations so you can tear them down to size.