Adhesive Tapes and Fixings

Adhesive Tapes and Adhesive Wall Fixings

Which adhesive fixings do I need for my display?

Stick and stick hook and loop tape (also referred to as Velcro for walls) is available in various sizes, and can be used to stick posters and signs to your walls and shelving. The hook and loop design makes it easy to remove the display from your wall for updates, and place it back again when ready. Double sided permanent tape can also be used to secure products.

VHB tape is ideal for use as double sided mounting tape sign adhesive. Adhesive foam tape and dots are also great for use as adhesive for signs. We even supply self adhesive magnetic tapes which are flexible and suitable for attaching magnetic metal POS items together, such as on white goods.

What parts of my POS display need to be secured with double sided mounting tape?

If you have smooth surfaces sat on top of each other, such as a tiered acrylic countertop display shelf on top of an acrylic display plinth or counter, you may wish to secure it with some strong adhesive tapes or adhesive foam pads. Signs, card holders and poster pockets may also need to be adhered to the sides of displays or on walls, and you can use either double sided tapes, sticky dots, or sticky hook and loop tapes for this too.

Is hook and loop the same as Velcro?

Yes, Velcro works with a hook and loop design, with hooks on one side and loops on the other. The two sides then mesh together for a temporary fixing.

Adhesive tapes for signs, adhesive wall fixings for POS display
Our strong double sided mounting tape, Velcro, and heavy duty adhesive pads make great adhesive wall fixings.

What can I use to stop my products slipping?

Self adhesive rubber pads help to reduce the chance of breakages and accidents. These rubber grips are ideal for use on products which sit on top of display plinths and counters. Simply stick them onto anything you wish to protect from slipping, such as leaflet holders and dump bins.

What are the best adhesive tapes for signs?

The strongest adhesive tapes for signs are our Very High Bond tapes, which are both incredibly strong and highly discreet, due to their clear finish.