Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)

Free standing display stands are great for aisle ends, queue merchandising, and window displays. We supply stands for promotional displays and samples, as well as shelf display stands and plinths.

Free Standing Display Units (FSDU's)

What is an FSDU?

FSDU stands for Free Standing Display Units (or Floor Standing Display Units). This often refers to branded display stands, such as our foam board stand, but can also refer to any display which stands alone without fixings.

FSDUs are designed to highlight key products and ranges, and draw attention to promotions.

What are FSDUs made of?

FSDUs are commonly made from low-cost and lightweight materials such as foam board and cardboard, however we can just as easily supply metal or wooden floor standing display stands.

Alternatively, for a freestanding metal grid display stand, check out our full range of gridwall display kits. These can be merchandised with a huge range of accessories.

Where should I place free standing display units?

Freestanding display units can be placed anywhere in your shop. They're most commonly used at aisle ends in order to highlight particular promotions or new products.

You could choose to place them near to similar products, or think outside of the box and put them somewhere unexpected, as the unexpected location could prompt customers to take a closer look.

Freestanding Display Units aka FSDUs, floor standing display stands from UK POS
Freestanding display units are perfect for placing around retail stores to promote particular product ranges.

Can I customise my FSDUs?

Yes, many of our floor standing display stands are available with the option for custom printing and branding. Plus, since many of our items are manufactured in-house right here in the UK, if you don't see the free standing display stands you need, you can get in touch with our Sales Team anytime for your bespoke quote.

Do you sell pop up exhibition stands?

While we don't supply large tables, we do have two options of pop up display counter which are both ideal as a samples stand. These sampling stands are available with wooden or plastic countertops.