Pavement Swing Signs

Swinging pavement signs are similar to our standard forecourt signs. Their unique quality is that the sign boards are free to swing, causing them to move gently in the wind. This makes swing signs more eye catching to potential customers passing by.

Swinging Pavement Signs

What are swing signs?

Pavement swinging signs are durable outdoor advertising boards that are designed to alert passersby to your presence. Attract customers from high streets in all weather conditions.

They feature a hinged sign panel, allowing your display to swing slightly in the wind. The swinging motion is able to attract attention more effectively than a stationary sign.

Will swinging pavement signs be damaged by weather?

Our double sided pavement swing signs are built with heavy bases. This helps to keep them fixed in place and not be blown over by the wind. Unlike an A frame sign, most pavement swingers have their designs printed directly onto a waterproof and rustproof swinging panel. This eliminates the risk of printed posters crinkling or the ink running.

If you require a swing board sign with an integrated poster holder, our Black Pavement Swinger has a magnetic poster sleeve. This is available with custom prints.

Do you stock replacement boards for my swinging signs?

Yes, we supply a variety of panels to suit different swing board signs. They're all listed in the "recommended extras" section for each product.

Swing board sign on the high street
Large pavement swinger sign with wheels

Is it difficult to move the pavement swingers?

While the pavement swing signs do have heavy bases, many feature wheels to make transportation easier. They are all generally light enough to be lifted, but too heavy to be blown over by the wind.

Can I have my pavement swinger sign branded?

There is no space on the base or frame of a pavement swing sign to add branding. However, the swinger panels can all be custom printed to your bespoke requirements.

You'll receive an email within an hour of ordering a custom printed item. This will contain a link to upload your artwork to and some handy templates.