• A vibrant and premium update on standard store barriers and cafe borders
  • A faux box hedge requires no maintenance and comes pre-assembled
  • Create a striking display in an instant with an Artificial Boxwood Hedge
  • FREE UK mainland express delivery with this product


Why should I use an Artificial Boxwood Hedge?

Uplift the entrance to your cafe, restaurant, showroom or office space in an instant with this striking, no-maintenance display. The faux box hedge is a great modern alternative to standard store barriers. It can be used to screen unsightly areas or create borders for seating areas. A high quality Artificial Boxwood Hedge is a great alternative to a living hedge and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Why should I buy artificial boxwood hedges instead of living ones?

There are several benefits to choosing an artificial box hedge over a living hedge. Artificial hedges provide an instant solution and don't require any maintenance. This means you can forget having to trim it, keep it alive or clean unsightly dirt. Our Artificial Boxwood Hedge has also been coated with a special UV-resistant finish, resulting in a vibrant display all year round.

What is the faux box hedge made from?

Our artificial boxwood hedge panels are made of treated plywood, covered with high density PVC boxwood foliage that is UV stable and weather resistant. The panels come in shades of green. This has been crafted by hand and includes special UV protection to protect it from fading and discolouration from the sun over time. The wooden planter's exterior has been formed from composite decking, a durable mix of wood and plastic, to prevent it from being impacted by weather conditions.

Is it weatherproof?

The materials chosen have been used to withstand weather conditions. This results in it being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as a seating area border hedge. However, the planter is hollow with no base making it lighter than a conventional soil-filled planter. Therefore we suggest bringing the box hedge indoors in severe weather to keep it looking its best.

Does the faux boxwood hedge come pre-assembled?

Yes, the maintenance-free green hedges come pre-assembled in the wooden planter. This ensures it is quick and easy to simply put the product where you desire with no loose leaves, eliminating the mess of a living hedge.

How much does the Artificial Boxwood Hedge weigh?

The weight of the hedges varies according to size, please check our specifications table below for more detail.


Product size
(H x W x D)
50cm x 75cm x 25cm 50cm x 125cm x 25cm 100cm x 75cm x 25cm 100cm x 125cm x 25cm
Overall height 75cm 125cm 75cm 125cm
Planter height 25cm 25cm 25cm 25cm
Hedge height 50cm 100cm 50cm 100cm
Planter length 50cm 50cm 100cm 100cm
Weight 13kg 19kg 22kg 28kg