What Is PVC Slatwall? And Why Use It In Retail?

What Is PVC Slatwall? And Why Use It In Retail?

PVC slatwall is a versatile and durable display solution, particularly for retail spaces. In this article, we delve into the 3 main uses and 6 key benefits of PVC slatwall panels for shopfitting.

Our new PVC slatwall product range, is a type of display panel featuring horizontal grooves or "slats". These slats hold accessories such as hooks, shelves, and brackets. This enables you to showcase merchandise effectively while maximising floor space.

3 Uses For PVC Slatwall

1. Merchandising

What is PVC Slatwall Guide

PVC slatwall helps you organise products neatly and attractively, making it simple to create appealing displays. From clothing boutiques to hardware stores, PVC slatwall works well in a wide range of retail environments.

2. Storage

What is PVC Slatwall Guide

Use PVC slatted displays in stockrooms to create efficient, robust storage systems. This helps to keep inventory organised and accessible. Combine various accessories, such as shelves and hooks, for a flexible, adaptable storage solution.

3. Aesthetic

What is PVC Slatwall Guide

Beyond functionality, PVC slatwall panels serve as decorative elements. They enhance retail spaces with their clean, modern look. The colour options allow businesses to align their branding seamlessly with the overall store design.

6 Key Benefits Of PVC Slatwall

1. Durability

  • Resilient Material: Constructed from high-quality PVC, our plastic slatwall panels are resistant to scratches, dents, and moisture. This gives them a long lifespan in high-traffic environments. The fact that it is rot-resistant makes it a popular choice for humid or damp areas, and even outdoors.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, using PVC slatwall panels reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs. It generally just requires an occasional dusting with a microfibre cloth.

2. Customisation

  • Colour Options: Available in a variety of colours, PVC slatwall panels allows you to customise your display area. This means you can tailor your shopfittings to match specific themes, products, or branding requirements.
  • Accessories: These panels work with many slatwall accessories like hooks and shelves, allowing for customisation to fit specific display requirements.
What is PVC Slatwall Guide

3. Easy Installation

  • Simple Screw-In Fixing: Simply drill holes in each corner and screw into your walls. The panels slot together vertically to suit your wall height.
  • Cut-To-Size Design: With the right tools, you can cut your slatwall down to size to get the perfect fit.

4. Great Use Of Space

Plastic slat wall retail display
  • Maximised Floor Space: With merchandise displayed vertically on a slat wall panel, you can maximise your display space. The panels let you hold more products within the same footprint.
  • Streamlined Storage: Using PVC slatwall for storage purposes streamlines inventory management, reducing clutter and optimising backend operations.

5. Increased Sales

  • Enhanced Visibility: By effective organisation and eye-catching displays, PVC slatwall helps draw customers' attention to featured products. This can lead to increased sales and conversions.
  • Improved Access: Easy access to displayed items encourages customer interaction, helping browsing and purchase decisions.

6. Enhanced Brand Image

  • Professional Appearance: Create a well-organised and visually-appealing retail environment using slatted panels. This enhances the perceived quality of your brand, fostering positive customer impressions.
  • Consistent Branding: The various colour options allow you to maintain consistency in branding elements throughout your store. This reinforces brand identity and customer loyalty.
On brand slatwall display

PVC slatwall is a versatile and effective solution for shopfitting. It offers you endless opportunities to enhance your display spaces. Use it to organise displays, maximise storage, and enhance brand image, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

Importantly, the durable, long-lasting and easy-to-clean qualities make this a favourite choice for shop wall displays.

We also carry a range of wooden slat wall, so we're sure to have the right wall display to suit your needs.

Kira Swales

Kira Swales

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