Gridwall Displays and Grid Mesh Panels

Gridwall and grid mesh panels make fantastic displays in shops and at exhibitions. Combine the grid wall panels with our various accessories for a complete and reconfigurable display grid.

Build an effective display wall with Gridwall and Grid Mesh Panels

What is gridwall mesh used for?

Gridwall is a versatile and efficient system that helps save store wall and floor space, allowing you to hang products from rails or place them on configurable gridwall arms, rails and shelves. At UK POS, we stock gridwall panels, hooks, shelves and accessories, allowing you to completely customise your retail display to suit your business needs.

Where should I use grid mesh panels?

This merchandising display solution is ideal for any retail or store environment, however it can also be used at exhibitions or trade shows.

The gridwall panels are available either with sturdy legs for a freestanding display, or on a base with wheels, making the unit easily mobile. For wall fixing, screwing a Gridwall Wall Mounting Bracket into your wall provides reliable support.

Gridwall display ideas

  • Hang accessories with corresponding colours and textures on your grid mesh to create attractive patterns in your display.
  • Use grid mesh shelves at the bottom of your unit to hold bulky or heavy items.
  • Add grid merchandiser hooks to your gridwall for hanging products - use the smaller hooks for lightweight items at the top, with longer hooks towards the bottom.
  • Use swing tags to display prices clearly.
  • Incorporate a grid wall corner unit to maximise unused space in your business.
  • Grid mesh isn't just for merchandising, it's great for use in workshops and garages, too.
  • Add some fun or informative messages to your grid wall, using supergrip sign holders or cable ties.
Gridwall display stand holding a wide variety of products and accessories

Do you stock ready-to-use grid mesh kits?

Yes, we supply a wide selection of gridwall kits for wall mounting or freestanding, available on flat or wheeled bases for your choice of static or moveable display.

Our gridwall display kits are available either with or without merchandising hooks and other gridwall accessories such as shelves, garment rails and even hat display arms. These add-ons provide maximum user convenience and personalisation opportunities.

What gridwall accessories are available?

At UK POS, we stock a wide variety of hooks, shelves and accessories that are compatible with gridwall mesh panels. They are available in a classic silver polished chrome effect, or a mondern and stylish black finish. These components allow you to completely customise your retail display.

From single prong hooks for hanging individual smaller items, to arm rails and hat arms, we are bound to stock gridwall accessories to suit your unique product ranges. If you can't see the item you need, our sales team will be happy to advise you on the best products to suit your requirements.