Price Label Holders

Clearly display pricing with our range of price label holders. Ideal for shelves and racks, these holders ensure your prices are always visible and accurate.

Price Swing Tags and Price Label Holders

Why use retail swing tags and price label holders?

Retail swing tickets are the most effective way of presenting pricing information to customers on displays where euro hooks are being used. Tidy and easy to change, they take the stress away from managing retail displays. They also highlight important information to customers in a way that is familiar and easy-to-navigate way.

What type of hooks can I use the retail tags with?

The retail swing tags are suitable for use with looped eurohooks which are made to suit either slatwall, gridwall or pegboard displays. Overarm price label holders are available to suit both single and double display hooks. Always ensure you select the compatible type of merchandising hook and label holder to suit your retail display.

Is there an alternative price label option?

For an individual price tag attached directly to the product, consider our Strung Manilla Tags, which allow you to handwrite a unique label for each product. For discounted goods, a Was and Now Sale Ticket will stand out and attract attention. This can be slotted onto clothes hangers, or you can attach them by using kimble tags or other tagging accessories.

Retail tags, retail swing tickets
Retail swing tickets allow you to display prices, information, and barcodes at the end of your merchandise hooks.

How do I attach price swing tags and price label holders?

Our clear swing price tags are designed to snap easily onto the front of a eurohook style looped merchandising hook. They're designed to be discreet and easy to update whenever required. Price label holders slot onto our overarm ticket holders, which have a simple screw-on design for use on your merchandising hooks.