How To Set Up A Market Stall Display

How To Set Up Market Stall Displays | Craft Fair Display Stands

Market stall display ideas: which market stall supplies do I need?

There are many types of market stalls, each benefitting from different market display supplies. These range anywhere from art and craft fairs to food markets. If you attend different types of events, invest in multipurpose POS displays for your market stall. A key concern when choosing market stall display accessories is whether they're easy to transport and construct.

Whether you're planning your first ever display stands, or looking to upgrade your existing supplies, these tips and product suggestions will help you to generate some market stall display ideas.

How do I display products on a market stall?

For small items and small stalls, use market stall step displays and display shelving to maximise your space and ensure everything is easily visible, such as our acrylic tabletop display stands for craft fairs and food markets.

For indoor events, acrylic bridges are a great way to elevate certain products, as they are so discreet and easy to transport. Lightweight craft items can be prevented from being blown away by enclosing them in an acrylic display case.

If you're wondering how to display scarves on a table, you could choose between folding them neatly in a display case or basket, or hanging them from tabletop display arms. Further options for craft fair display supplies include jewellery displays, easels for art and wire & acrylic display racks for individual goods such as plates, books or bags.

Tabletop market stall display stands

Craft fair display stands and wicker trays for market stall tables

Shop wicker trays

For food products, you can use acrylic dump bin containers and dry food dispensers, or wicker trays are always popular. If you're serving fresh food and able to have a seating area, this prompts people to buy more. For the most impact, ensure it's bordered with branded barriers, with A board menu market signs nearby.

Clothes rails for markets and display stands for craft fairs

Shop garment rails

Clothing displays will need freestanding clothes rails. Grid mesh stands are a great multipurpose choice of POS display for markets and craft fairs as they can display small and large items from earrings to dresses, using configurable hooks, rails and other accessories, as well as being easy to construct and deconstruct as needed.

Market stall display ideas

What to look for in market stall equipment and craft fair display stands

In their analysis of market stall design, researchers found that the three key crucial factors of good market stall display equipment are: portability, flexibility, and having a deployable structure [1]. This means that your market stall equipment for displays should be easy to transport, multipurpose, and easy to set up. Therefore, make sure that you choose display supplies that are lightweight, flatpacked or foldable, and able to be used in various venues with various products.

How do I make my market stall stand out?

Market stall signs and display stands for craft fairs

Shop A Board Signage

You need to try and grab attention before anyone has even walked over to your table, so it can be useful to invest in some bold market stall signs to draw the eye. Make sure these are easy to transport and construct. If you're indoors you could use a pop up roller banner, or an A Board makes great advertising for markets both indoors and outdoors. Highlight your unique selling points on your market stall signs to draw in passersby.

Product labels for market stalls and craft fair table displays

Shop product ticket holders

Think carefully about what kind of display your customers will respond to, and what will show your products off best. Pick market stall display supplies to suit your brand. Do you want your display to look rustic? Modern and minimalist? Colourful and maximalist? Whatever you choose, make sure your table dressings and signage are attractive and informative, but that they don't detract attention from your products.

Market stall signs

How do I engage customers at my market stall?

It's always important to try and engage passersby. This is part of your marketing funnel, and can often start simply with a combination of some good signage and a friendly greeting. Once you've connected with them, you can provide extra information, such as explaining your product features and handing out leaflets or business cards.

‘If you sell speciality products, carry business cards with your contact details’ - Success in Business: Street market case studies

Red Ochre advises that people who shop in markets are looking for information that supermarkets and high street chains cannot provide. They encourage small business owners to provide additional information and great customer service [2]. They claim that satisfied customers will tell, on average, seven people, whereas an unsatisfied customer will tell twelve. To help with this, they stress the importance of using eye-catching price tickets and displaying business cards with contact details.

Essential market stall display equipment:

  • Market stall signs
  • Price ticket holders
  • Tiered table displays and risers
  • Product-specific displays such as garment rails or jewellery hangers
  • Leaflet holders for printed goods
  • Freestanding grid mesh gondolas
  • Wooden crates and wicker trays
  • Acrylic display tubs and cubes
  • Gravity dispensers for dry foods
  • Tabletop business card holders

Having a range of portable, flexible and easy to construct POS supplies for market stall displays and craft fair table displays will ensure that your business is prepared to take on any event at a moment's notice. Getting your booth setup or display stands for craft fairs right will make you look professional and approachable, and make your products more appealing to your customers. For advice on the best display items for pop-up events, check out our guide to POS for pop-ups.

Market stall equipment and craft fair display stands

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1. Sheng et al, ‘Architectural transformation of a Night Market Stall’, 2nd ICITSBE 2014, [accessed January 2021].

2. Cross River Partnership and Red Ochre, Success in Business: Street market case studies (London: Cross River Partnership, 2007).