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What is POSM?

What is POSM and what are the best POSM types?

What does POSM stand for?

POSM stands for Point of Sale Materials. This refers to all the point of sale marketing materials used to grab attention and showcase your products or services. These include poster and sign holders, display stands, and even digital POSM.

Drawing attention to the location and benefits of your products, is a key way to increase profit in your shop or business. The best way to do this is with point of sale materials such as signage and display stands.

The best types of POSM include shelf barkers

The different types of POSM all have their own individual benefits. Various display types can achieve different results when used in different locations.

For example, displaying a digital screen is the ideal way to keep customers entertained when waiting in a queue [1]. Alternatively, shelf displays can influence them to grab a particular brand of product or partake in a multi-buy offer [2].

This article outlines some of the best POSM for retail and hospitality displays. We provide explanations of why they're so effective, alongside some examples of our bestsellers.

So what's the difference between POSM vs POS vs POP?

While POSM refers specifically to the items used in your displays, POP and POS refer to where they're used. The POS is your point of sale, referring to the location that transactions take place, such as the till area. POP, on the other hand refers to the location a customer decides to make the purchase, such as anywhere around your shop.

Top POSM types: The top 6 best types of point of sale materials

1. Shelf signs
POSM examples include shelf tickets

Shelf signs are the best way to draw the eye to specific products and deals while customers browse. Shelf facings that highlight price-based promotions can improve the impact of shelf displays on sales figures [3].

2. Display stands
Waiting area with chairs and a digital screen

POS display stands come in all shapes and sizes to suit different locations and products. Pick one that presents your products in the best light. Get a bespoke display stand to boost branding.

3. Digital display screens
Digital POSM provides interactive POSM, which is more effective at engaging customers

Digital POSM may be the most engaging and effective type of display available. Research shows that digital signs increase footfall and impulse purchases [4]. They can even improve your customer's mood! [5].

4. Posters, banners and showcards
Point of sale material posters

Posters and banners are the most traditional POSM out there. Display your bold, attractive graphics on walls or stands, in countertop poster holders, or even suspended from the ceiling.

5. Dump bins and merchandising tubs
A dump bin product display is a key retail posm

With their ability to hold lots of small items at once, dump bins, display crates and merchandise tubs are a popular choice of retail display. Use them near checkouts and waiting areas.

6. Leaflet and menu holders
Using leaflets allows customers to take home your point of sale marketing materials

Leaflet displays provide a level of information that other POSM can't. They encourage customers to engage more closely with your products and services, and take the info home [6].

POSM: Point of sale materials for retail and hospitality

This article should have given you an understanding of what POSM is and what it stands for. Now you will be able to start planning your own point of sale displays, with a wide range of materials to cover all bases.

We aim to make our products multifunctional wherever possible. This means you can use our point of sale materials in a shop, restaurant or public building, to help boost footfall and sales in your business. So, regardless of your sector, get stuck into some POS merchandising with our POSM today for immediate results.

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Kira Swales

Kira Swales

Kira Swales is a copywriter for UK POS. Kira has extensive experience in e-commerce and copywriting, and spent many years working in retail. She enjoys researching topics in depth in order to provide readers with the latest information on point of sale and merchandising. Read more of her in-depth guides on POS in our Knowledge Hub.


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