Wicker Display Baskets

Wicker display baskets and stands

What type of counter display baskets do you have in stock?

At UK POS we stock a varied selection of wicker displays in different styles. These include shallow display trays, baskets with handles, and angled baskets which all look great on shelving and tabletops.

Do you supply a stand with multiple tiers?

Absolutely, a tiered stand is a fantastic way to display multiple corresponding items vertically on your counters, saving space around your business.

We also stock a floorstanding wicker display stand. When used alongside countertop displays, it helps to create cohesive branding in your store or cafe.

What products should I present in wicker display baskets for shops?

Wicker baskets and trays are a highly popular form of display for a huge range of businesses. They look great in cafes, bakeries and food shops for presenting food products, often used to display bread. They also add a beautiful rustic aesthetic to retail stores and spas.

Wicker display baskets for retail from UK POS
Use ticket holders with chalkboard tickets for attractive retail wicker baskets, such as in bakeries and cafes.

How do retail display baskets differ from crates?

They are typically made from wicker, making them lightweight and ideal for countertop use. They are easy to move around and light enough to clean and rearrange regularly. Our crates, on the other hand, are typically bigger and heavier, ideal for clustered floor or window displays.