How To Use Digital Signage in Retail

How To Use Digital Signage in Retail

6 ways digital signage will make your sales skyrocket!

If you wish to captivate customers and stand out from the competition, using digital signage in retail is a sure-fire way to achieve success. But what makes digital signage such a powerful tool?

Digital posters and stands provide a dynamic and engaging experience for your consumers. Read on to explore our insights into retail digital signage and reveal 6 key reasons it's so effective.

1. Enhance the in-store experience

Digital retail signage

It's essential to create a compelling in-store experience in order to make an impact on your customers and keep them coming back.

Digital displays are a versatile medium to engage customers and enhance their shopping journey.

Integrate digital signage in retail stores to captivate attention and deliver targeted messages. This boosts brand awareness and customer engagement.

Studies show that digital signage has an impressive 47% recall rate, far better than standard posters [1]. The dynamic nature of digital displays attracts attention, making them far more effective than static signs. This impact increases when using interactive displays with touchscreen ability, like this TouchScreen Totem by Digini.

Digital retail signage solutions

2. Provide captivating visual content

The power of visual content for advertising cannot be overstated. Digital posters, such as our digital display screen, let you create captivating content with unbelievable quality. Use this opportunity to tell compelling stories about your brand, products and services. With vibrant colours and engaging videos, digital signage captures attention and creates a memorable customer experience.

One study found that consumers are attracted to dynamic content (i.e. video) nearly twice as much as static content (e.g. images) [2]. Moreover, one in five consumers admitted that digital signage influenced their decision to make an unplanned purchase (Arbitron).

3. Use real-time advertising with personalisation

Digital signage offers the advantage of real-time advertising. Both plug-and-play models, and units with CRM software (which enables remote updates), have an easy to use design. This allows you to adapt your messages.

You can update based on various factors such as time of day, weather conditions, or even customer demographics.

Wall mounted digital signs displaying sale information

By personalising content, you will connect with customers on a deeper level. This increases the likelihood of conversion.

Tailoring messages to specific customer segments creates a more relevant shopping experience. This helps to foster a sense of connection, building customer loyalty. A 2014 study found that this can actually result in your customers spending more! [3]

4. Boost your cross-selling and upselling abilities with digital retail signage

Digital retail signage

Digital signage presents a unique opportunity to showcase more products or complementary services.

By strategically placing screens throughout the store, retailers can deliver targeted cross-selling and upselling messages at the right moment.

This increases average transaction value and improves the customer experience.

68% of customers reported that digital signage would make them more likely to buy recommended products [4]. Use signs such as Digital A Boards to highlight complementary items, and encourage customers to explore more options. This will bring you increased sales and customer satisfaction.

5. Improve the queuing experience with digital signage in retail

Research has shown that perceived wait times will reduce by 35% when using digital signage to entertain customers in a queue [5].

Make queuing for your checkouts or changing rooms an enjoyable experience for your customers.

Using digital signage in queues and waiting rooms also gives you a valuable opportunity to reinforce your brand messaging!

How to create digital signage content in order to encourage approach behaviour in consumers

6. Improve store navigation and information with digital wayfinding signage

Digital wayfinding signage

Navigating large retail spaces can often be a daunting task for customers. Digital wayfinding signage can serve as an interactive map, guiding shoppers to their desired destinations and offering real-time information about product availability and promotions.

Reduce your customer's frustration, and enhance convenience, by providing a seamless shopping experience.

60% of shoppers reported that they find digital touchscreen signage useful in retail environments -POPAI (2022)

From informative digital posters, to touchscreens and tablet stands; switching to digital displays will result in improved satisfaction for your customers, and higher sales for your business.

Kira Swales

Kira Swales

Kira Swales is a copywriter for UK POS. Kira has ten years of experience in e-commerce and copywriting. She enjoys researching topics in depth in order to provide readers with the latest information on point of sale merchandising. Read more of her comprehensive guides in our Knowledge Hub.


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