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Discover the POS displays for pubs and bars designed to bring in more patrons, increase the average order value at your bar, and get noticed in a saturated market.

Shop all chalkboard signs for pubs and bars

Chalkboards for pubs are a popular choice, and for good reason. They have a rustic aesthetic and they're easy to update. Check out the full range for more sizes, shapes and styles.

Shop all pavement signs for bars and pubs

Outdoor pub signs are a quick way to grab attention, attract new customers and promote your deals, events and special offers.

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The best menu holders for bars and pubs depends on the style and purpose of your establishment. We stock a pub menu holder to suit every business, from family-friendly, to chic and upmarket.

If you serve food or take bookings, a menu stand or lectern stand is a useful addition to your front-of-house.

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Barrier kits and faux hedges are a great way to create a branded outdoor area for bars, such as a smoking area or beer garden.

Why use POS displays for pubs and bars?

Point of Sale (POS) displays are an important addition to pubs and bars in order to attract customers inside, enhance brand awareness, and to display drinks menus and events.

Among all the display types, chalkboard signs stand out for their versatility and charm. Whether it's a wall-mounted board behind the bar or a tabletop version, chalkboard signs offer a rustic yet dynamic way to showcase daily specials, happy hour deals, or upcoming events. Their easy-to-update nature means that messages can be adapted quickly to suit changing promotions or seasonal offerings. This makes them a permanently popular option.

How do I attract customers into my pub?

Pavement signs are a powerful way to attract footfall. Positioned strategically outside the pub or bar, these eye-catching signs can advertise special offers, live music nights, or new menu items, effectively capturing the attention of passers-by.

The ability to change messages frequently keeps the content fresh and engaging. This ensures that potential customers are always kept informed. Outdoor signs not only enhance visibility, but also contribute to a vibrant street presence.

How should I present a bar menu?

Menu holders help to maintain a professional and organised appearance. They protect menus from wear and tear while presenting them in an accessible and attractive manner.

Placing these holders on tables or at the entrance allows customers to browse offerings comfortably, enhancing their dining and drinking experience. Choose one to match the style of your venue, whether that's high-end or rustic.

Pub chalkboard display

How can I designate a beer garden or smoking area?

Cafe barriers and hedging planters are great for use in beer gardens and smoking areas. They provide a sense of privacy and comfort for patrons outside, while adding additional space for branding.

Customised barriers with the pub’s logo or thematic design not only delineate the seating area but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, attracting more customers to enjoy the outdoor ambiance. In addition, they can serve as windbreakers, improving the comfort of guests during breezy days.

Incorporating these POS displays into a pub or bar setting is not merely about functionality; it’s about crafting an engaging and welcoming environment that draws customers in and encourages them to stay longer. By utilising these display types, pubs and bars can significantly boost their visibility, efficiency, and overall customer experience.