• Easy-to-assemble stock pusher systems available with six, eight or twelve rows
  • Product pushers keep your stock front facing for maximum visibility
  • Optional locking guide rail mechanism helps you to restock easily
  • Free UK mainland delivery over £150 (ex. VAT)
  • Get it by Friday 31st May if you order by 5pm using Express Delivery


What are Stock Pusher Systems?

Stock pusher systems offer you an automatic way to keep your products at the front of your shelves at all times. The kits come with either six, eight or twelve rows, each of which has the option to add a push feed locking mechanism. These spring loaded product pushers are compatible with shelves that have a depth of at least 28cm, as well as our popular Free Standing Display Units.

How is this kit different from other shelf management systems?

In this kit the push feeds and guide rails are attached, making this shelf management kit very easy to assemble. Each kit comes with your selected number of rows, shelf dividers, and two adhesive t-rails. Simply clip the front and back of the guide rails into the t-rails, then use the adhesive strips to secure them to your shelf. The t-rails can be cut down to size to fit your system and shelf.

What is the push feed locking mechanism for?

The locking mechanism allows you to push the feed to the back of the guide rail and lock it in place. This means you can save time and load your products onto the rail without the feed pushing them to the front of the shelf straight away.

What type of product can the product pusher systems support?

We recommend that you use stock that is square, rectangular, or stock that is packaged in boxes of these shapes. Each row has a minimum width of either 3.5cm or 3.8cm (for kits with the locking mechanism). The shelf management systems can support a wide range of products of many height and widths, such as cosmetics, medicines, perfumes and more.

Please be aware that some lightweight products that are much taller than the height of the push feed could be prone to falling over the front rail. If you are looking to display wider products, you can place additional push feed and guide rails between dividers to keep them in place.


Push feed locking mechanism? No Yes
Adjustable row width (minimum) 3.5cm 3.8cm
Push feed width 1.8cm 2.5cm
Push feed height 6.7cm 6.7cm
T-rail width 42.5cm 49.6cm
Guide rail depth 28cm 27.8cm
Number of rows 6, 8, 10 or 12 6, 8, 10 or 12
Newton force 2-4 2-4
Material Clear plastic Clear plastic