• Spring loaded shelf pusher system, for low-maintenance retail shelving
  • Our product pusher kits are ideal for use as a can or bottle pusher system
  • Slow feed shelf pusher with a handy lock mechanism for easy restocking
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What is the Slow Feed Shelf Pusher System Kit for?

Our shelf pushers are designed for low-maintenance organisation of products on shelves. When a product is removed, the track system gently pushes the remaining products to the front of the shelf, keeping your displays neat and well stocked. As a slow feed pusher system, it's designed with a buffer mechanism (aka slow down damper). This gives your merchandise a slow motion roll when it slides to the front, preventing your products from falling off the shelf.

Our kits are available in two capacities: slim and standard. The standard kits are the ideal size for standard 330ml and 500ml cans, as well as 70cl bottles. The slim kits are ideal for slim 200ml and 250ml cans, and are also suitable for similarly sized bottles.

How does the bottle shelf pusher system work?

Unlike our other spring loaded product pushers, which are typically for lightweight items like spices and cigarettes, this drink pusher shelf system is ideal for a range of products including heavier goods such as cans and bottles. When a product is removed, the system gently pushes your remaining products along the track so they're front facing on the shelf edge and visible to your customers. This eliminates the need to have staff constantly restocking and rearranging your shelf displays.

The beverage pusher kit also has a unique lock mechanism that holds the pusher at the end of the shelf, making restocking your shelves so much quicker and easier.

How is the slow release shelf pusher kit supplied?

Each shelf management kit comes with the amount of shelf pusher rows you've selected, and the right quantity of dividers to suit your kit. The tracks are compatible with standard retail shelf depths of 47cm.

The overall width of your shelf pusher system will depend on how many pusher rows you choose. The kit comes with T rails which your system attaches to, and we supply your T rails with 3M adhesive strips to secure them to your shelving.


Capacity Slim Standard
Suitable for 200ml/250ml cans and bottles 330ml cans, 500ml bottles, and 70cl bottles
Suits shelf depths 47cm 47cm
Pusher row quantity 6, 8, 12, 15 6, 8, 12, 15
Kit overall width 6 pusher rows: 46cm 6 pusher rows: 50.2cm
8 pusher rows: 60.6cm 8 pusher rows: 66.2cm
12 pusher rows: 89.8cm 12 pusher rows: 98.2cm
15 pusher rows: 111.7cm 15 pusher rows: 122.2cm
Material Metal and plastic with PVC T-rail Metal and plastic with PVC T-rail
Finish White White
Pack quantity 1 kit 1 kit
T rail fixing type Adhesive (supplied) Adhesive (supplied)
Push feed width 7.3cm 8cm
Divider height 7.9cm 7.9cm