• A Shelf Management System Kit with 20mm or 38mm wide rows
  • Create your own pusher system to save time for staff keeping shelves tidy
  • Ideal for ensuring your products are front facing on the shelves
  • Free UK mainland delivery over £150 (ex. VAT)
  • Get it by Thursday 30th May if you order by 5pm using Express Delivery


What are the benefits of using a Shelf Management System Kit?

Keep your products face-up and save your business time using an effective shelf management system. They easily attach to your shelves to keep them looking professional. Our shelf kits are available in 6, 8 or 10 row options, and you can choose between a 20mm or 38mm minimum row width to suit the size of your products.

The spring loaded product pushers work by applying force to the back of each product row. When a product is removed from the front, the feed pushes the remaining products to the front of the shelf. This means the front of your shelves will always look fully stocked, and it helps customers easily access your products.

What components are included with each shelf management system?

The Shelf Management System Kit includes the following components: shelf dividers, guide rails, push feeds, T rails and anchors. The difference in each kit is the number of rows you can have in your shelf management system, allowing you to expand your shelving further or make it smaller.

How does the push feed for shelf merchandising work?

  • Place a T-rail at the front and back of your shelf.
  • Slot the push feed onto the guide rail at the top end, and extend to 45cm max'.
  • Clip the guide rail onto the T-rail at the front of your shelf.
  • Use an anchor to connect the guide rail and rear T rail.
  • Clip shelf dividers onto your T-rail on either side of your guide rails to keep your system in place.
  • To add more rows, simply continue to slot your remaining guide rails and shelf dividers onto the T-rail.
  • Once attached to the T-rail, you can simply slide each component into place depending on the width you require to hold your products.

What kind of products can you put in the spring loaded shelf?

They can accommodate a wide variety of products, such as e-liquids, cigarettes, cosmetics and packets of painkillers. For larger or wider goods, you can attach additional pushers to keep them in place between dividers. The table below has a list of the sort of products that are suitable for use with the 20mm kit due to their weights.

"Extra light" products Approx. weight (grams)
Packet of cigarettes 20g
E-liquid bottle 50g
Tin of tobacco 50g


Adjustable row width (minimum) 20mm 38mm
No. of rows 6, 8 or 10 6, 8 or 10
T rail length 49.6cm 49.6cm
Push feed width 1.5cm 2.8cm
Row depth 28cm 28cm
Product capacity per row length 22cm 22cm
Divider height 6cm 6cm
T rail material Clear PVC plastic Clear PVC plastic
Divider material Clear polycarbonate Clear polycarbonate
Push feed material Grey polycarbonate Grey polycarbonate
Finish Clear and grey Clear and grey


Overall rating of 5/5 based on 1 reviews


Fantastic product, left our e-cig cabinet with a much more professional and cleaner look. I used some of the spares for our small 250ml cans and miniatures they are great in both. Easy to assemble fix in place.