Hotel Signage Ideas

Make sure guests can navigate around your hotel, find local information, and even be able to check into their rooms themselves using digital screens!

Hotel reception areas

Whether it's in your main entrance, or by your gym and pool facilities, your hotel should have at least one reception area for checking guests in and out. Hotel reception areas are a key point of contact with your clientele. Ensure your reception desk has all the display equipment required to provide and acquire essential information.

In hotels, it's also important to have quick, easy-to-change poster frames for health and safety information such as cleaning schedules and fire escape details. For these applications, snap frame poster holders are a simple and attractive solution. Snap frames are available in a wide range of colours and even fire-resistant options.

If you have a restaurant or bar in your hotel, menu covers, sleeves and holders are an important addition. Get one to match the décor and style of your hotel.

Extra signs for hotels

Overhead wayfinding signs for hotels

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Overhead signs are perfect for quick and unobtrusive wayfinding signage in hotels. Get them printed with directional arrows and room numbers, for example.

Tabletop hotel signs

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Use minimalistic tabletop sign holders to provide extra useful information for your guests such as room service, spa treatment menus and more.

Outdoor hotel sign

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Illuminated outdoor signs are a great way to attract non-residents to your restaurant and bar or spa facilities, and to entice potential future guests.

Queuing and barriers

Use queue barriers during busy periods such as during peak seasons and annual festivals. Choose from attractive velvet rope or retractable styles.

Artificial hedges and café barrier systems add an attractive border to outdoor areas such as bar and café terraces or smoking areas.

Bespoke design printing can be added to café barrier banners, which allows you to add branding or promotional messaging which can be used to attract and inform passersby.

Finally, these hospitality accessories such as cereal dispensers and buffet sign holders are so useful for buffet breakfast areas. Scoop bins are also great for cereals and dried fruits, while wicker basket shelves are a popular way to display muffins, bread and other small breakfast items.