Displays and Signs for Offices

Offices rely on clear wayfinding signage for visitors and staff, as well as useful presentational tools and informational displays. Below are some of the top products you'll need when planning an office fit-out.

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Displays And Signs For Offices

What are the top products required when planning an office fit-out?

Whether you're planning an office fit-out for a shared building or for your home office, magnetic whiteboards for office use are a key addition. Use them to jot down important dates, KPI's and other information. Use a whiteboard for office wall decorating, or get a freestanding one to wheel around the office and use both sides of. Likewise, noticeboards often come in handy, especially for shared areas such as staffrooms.

Do you supply custom office door signs and wall signs?

Yes we can create custom office wall signs that can be used on either doors or walls. We print directly onto acrylic, supplied with metal standoffs for a stylish and modern look. Use them for naming your business or specific rooms, or you can even get large-scale versions to display inspirational and motivational quotes.

What are the best office wayfinding signs?

You can get pre-designed signs for typical office wayfinding requirements, such as for toilets, receptions, kitchens and manager's offices. We also supply a range of other signs which take paper inserts, making them great for doors and walls to label individual's offices. For very large offices which may be more difficult to navigate, overhead hanging signs using poster grippers may be a good option.

What signs for offices should I use to display safety information?

Snap frames are a classic choice of office poster holder which can be used to display information such as fire escape details or toilet cleaning rotas.

The snap-shut style makes it easy to switch over your signage whenever you need to. Use a fire-resistant frame for maximum safety, especially in public areas.