• Breakable T shape shelf divider designed for retail shelving
  • Keep your products upright and organised on your shelf with a Breakable T-Divider
  • Discreet clear T divider design won't affect your display aesthetic
  • Free UK mainland delivery over £150 (ex. VAT)


Why do I need a Breakable T-Divider?

Keep your products upright and organised within retail shelving displays by using this breakable T shape shelf divider. The breakable feature ensures it fits a variety of shelf sizes and the discreet clear design won't affect your display aesthetic. The retail shelf dividers also feature small front stoppers to ensure products don't fall off your shelf edge.

What are the dimensions of the T shape shelf divider?

The divider features break points every 2.5cm, these can simply be snapped at your desired length. The height is 6cm and the length is 28.5cm - 48.5cm.

What is the t divider manufactured from?

The Breakable T-Divider is manufactured from clear polycarbonate.


Size (cm) H x L 6cm x 28.5-48.5cm
Width between break points (cm) 2.5cm
Material Clear polycarbonate