Shelf Edge Strips and Data Strips

Shelf edge strips are available in a wide variety of styles, from adhesive to clip-on. This means we wil have shelf strips to suit any kind of shelving. They're the ideal way to display product information, prices, branding, to highlight a particular range, or simply to add a pop of colour to your shop shelf edges.

Shelf Edge Strips and Data Strips

What are shelf strips?

Shelf strips are point of sale graphics holders designed to sit on your retail shelf edges, used to display prices and product information.

Does your business need shelf edge strips?

Shelf edge strips, otherwise know as data strips, scanner rail label holders, or SEL strips, are the ideal product for displaying shelf edge labels in a highly visual way that is clear and familiar to shoppers.

Data strips for shelves are often used for pricing and promotions, but can also be used with an infill strip featuring a logo, message or colour, to maintain consistent branding, or to highlight a particular range.

How are the data strips made?

Our data strips for shelves are manufactured using high quality PVC. We supply many equipped with an adhesive tape that is ideal for fixing the strips to retail shelving, alongside non-adhesive clip on data strips. They're available in a range of sizes to suit various shelf depths; however, it is possible to cut our SEL strips to size for use with free standing display units.

LED ticket strip for premium shelf lighting
Data strips for shelves advertising prices and offers. SEL strips are available in a wide range of styles.
Use data strips on your shelving to highlight branding, display prices, or promote special offers.

Do you sell custom printed shelf edge inserts?

Thanks to our dedicated in-house manufacturing equipment, we are able to produce bespoke signage, including shelf edge infill strips with your custom branded artwork to display in your shelf edge strips.

Are the data strips available in different colours?

If you are looking for a unique point of sale display that is consistent with your company branding, you can opt to have our shelf edge strips manufactured in different colours. For a cost effective and easily changeable option, you can always add a coloured infill strip insert to your existing clear shelf strips. These are supplied on a roll and can be cut down to fit your shelving requirements.

We also have a fantastic range of LED shelf lighting kits that can add a premium look to your shelving displays. They are available as light bars with either an adhesive or magnetic backing, or as an Illuminated Ticket Strip, which provides a backlight to your promotional data strips as well as lighting products on the shelf below.