Table Talkers

Promote your specials, menus and messages effectively with our table talkers. Use them in restaurants and cafes, to provide an eye-catching display on every table.

Table talkers buying guide

What are table talkers?

Table talkers, which are also known as table tents, are multi-faced displays that are designed to sit in the centre of tables. They are commonly used to display your business's menus, promotions and other information that is important for customers to see.

They are very popular within the food and drinks industry, as well as also being useful in welcome areas within hotels and other hospitality businesses. Our multi-faced menu and poster holders are very popular in the leisure and beauty industries, such as for displaying prices and promotions in hairdressers.

What can a table tent do for my business?

An acrylic clear menu holder is a cost effective way to showcase smaller pieces of information. This could include specials on your menu, drinks menus, or simply promotional offers such as 2-for-1 deals and happy hour times. The multi-faced display means that one of the sides of the holder will be facing your customers at all times, no matter where they are sitting.

Clear menu holder on a restaurant table

Where should I display a table talker?

For maximum visibility, it is best to place a table talker in an area where customers are likely to be waiting or sitting.

In a bar, they would be placed on the bar top and on tables. In a bank, they could be placed in the waiting area, in the appointment rooms and along the queue.

Wherever you place them, make sure that they can be picked up and read easily to ensure you are really making the most out of all your advertising space.

Table talkers aka table tent

Do you also stock menu folders?

Yes, we stock a wide range of menu folders in many styles. We have everything from wipe down plastic folders, to faux leather luxury menu covers. Place them on your tables, alongside your table talker, in order to give your customers a full overview of your offers and menus.

What are table talkers made out of?

Our Flat Pack Menu Holders are made using flexible PVC. They are ideal for use by travelling businesses and pop up shops, as their lightweight PVC design is suitable to be flat packed. Our other sign holders are made using 2mm Supervue acrylic.

Acrylic table talkers are impact resistant and sturdy, offering great protection for your displays. We even have an LED backlit table talker, which gives your menus a soft glow to attract attention.

We stock table talkers of many shapes and sizes. They are able to hold paper sizes of 1/3 A4 (a third of A4), A5 and A6.

What are multi faced menu holders made of?

We manufacture our table talkers from acrylic, PVC or styrene, and even in an LED-lit version for ambient venues. They are typically clear so that, no matter what graphic you use, your messages can be seen clearly. We can also make custom table talkers in your required material, colour, size and style.