Roller Banners

Roller banners are a simple yet eye-catching way to display large scale graphics. We supply them complete with custom printed banners, or as the stand only. Use retractable banners in a range of settings, including open days, exhibitions and conferences.

Roller Banners

What are roller banners?

Roller banners are portable stands that you can use to display vertical graphics. They're lightweight and easy to assemble within just a few seconds. This makes them extremely popular for use at indoor exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and events.

How do the roll up banners work?

Our roll up banners include an aluminium stand and an optional flexible banner. We make the signs from PVC, and they simply roll up into the housing. When you reach the venue, simply open out the legs, extend the supporting arm, pull up the banner and clip it in place.

Do you offer roller banner printing?

Yes, full colour roll up banner printing is available across all our banner products. If you select this option, you can upload your roller banner design to the template we send you. Or, you can even opt to use our graphic design service if you need images created for you. We will then create high quality print-ready artwork using your own design elements, including logos, text and images.

Do you supply outdoor roller banners?

Most roll up banners are designed for indoor use as they may blow over in strong winds. However, we do also supply an Outdoor A Banner as well as other event flags. They're ideal for outdoor use, thanks to their heavy duty bases and tear-resistant banner material.

Roll up banners from UK POS
Roller banners are great for displays in entrances, to assist with both marketing and wayfinding.

Which roll up banner is right for me?

Whatever your budget, with a selection of both high quality and cheap stand up banner stands, we have you covered. We stock budget banners for a quick and temporary banner display solution. These are ideal for small budgets and one-off events.

An alternative option is our premium banners and premium roller banner stands. They have a superior, high-quality construction which will represent your business in the best possible light.