Shop Wall Fittings and Retail Gondolas

Shop Wall Fittings and Retail Gondolas

What type of shop wall fittings and retail gondolas are available?

We supply a wide selection of high quality retail shop shelving displays, in both floor standing and wall mounted versions. The most popular retail wall display systems and retail gondolas all have either a slatwall, twinslot or grid mesh construction.

Why choose retail gondolas?

Using retail gondolas enables you to place your merchandising displays wherever they're needed in your store. A display unit is perfect for use in high-traffic areas as they encourage impulse buying behaviour. They can even be used as a quick way to change the layout inside your premises and create new pathways.

Our grid mesh gondolas are available in both single and double sided versions, with a variety of accessories available.

How do I update display racks for retail stores?

Our wide range of shop wall fittings and retail gondolas are great for fast-paced retail environments. They can be easily reconfigured and you can add more fixtures and fittings as you see fit. Display your products on shelves, hooks and rails, using the most versatile shop fittings on the market.

Clothes shop gridwall shop wall fittings
Slatwall retail displays and retail shelving units
Slatted panels are a secure, stylish and versatile way to merchandise your shop walls

Why choose shop wall fittings?

Make the most of your wall space and ceiling height in retail environments. Retail wall displays are a great way to save on floor space. The kits are super-easy to install and update by swapping over the accessories.

Grid wall displays are fixed in place easily using wall fixing brackets. Twinslot displays are fitted to the wall using upright brackets. Slatwall panels simply screw directly into your walls.

These gridwall, twin slot and slatwall displays are extremely versatile, allowing you to change up your displays at a moment's notice and are really popular for use as clothes shop fittings.

Are these retail display stands and supports suitable for home use?

Display stands and wall racks are useful for businesses, but can also be used elsewhere. Many of our customers use a gridwall or a twin slot shelving system for their home organisation and personal storage solutions.