Essential Point Of Sale Displays For Supermarkets

Using the correct point of sale display in a supermarket is crucial. Shoppers tend to know what they are looking for when entering a food store, so products must be marked and highlighted clearly for the customer to see.

Supermarkets are also rife with opportunities to upsell, cross sell and increase overall basket value, so it's imperative that all your promotions are clearly marked. There are multiple key points for promotion both inside and outside of your store. Get inspired with our tops tips on how to display products in a supermarket, and the best tools to promote them.

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How to display products in a supermarket.

Essential POS products for supermarkets

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How do you display products and signs in a supermarket?

Product placement and effective signage are both absolutely crucial to boosting sales within a supermarket environment. Unlike smaller retailers, supermarkets have a vast amount of prime retail space that can be organised in many different ways to encourage a shopper to make a purchase decision. Here are UK POS' top tips for making the most of POS signage and product displays in supermarkets.

Supermarket pavement signs

1. Use promotional materials outside your supermarket

Utilising your outside space or external displays is key. Introducing a pavement sign will let people know who, what and where you are. An a board, swing board or pavement sign will help increase your footfall to your store, which in turn can increase your sales.

Keep your double sided pavement sign up to date, eye catching and relevant so that even when people aren’t looking for a deal, they will spot yours. The other key external advertising space is your window display. This space should be maximised to make your store look as attractive as possible.

Self cling or adhesive poster holders are great for smaller supermarkets to showcase offers, events and open hours.

2. Encourage last minute impulse purchases at the checkout

Having a neat and tidy store will leave a good impression with your customers and encourage them to return, increasing your brand loyalty. Don’t let yourself down by the time they get to your till with a messy basket area.

A basket holder is a simple yet effective way to ensure your store is kept in good order at all times. Your till is a key area for impulse buys. If you have the space, introduce a counter standing dump bin to fill with smaller low value items to help increase the basket value.

As well as placing by the till, dump bins are also ideal for placing in the middle of wide aisles where they will receive a lot of passing foot traffic. In-queue merchandising systems are perfect for use around self-service checkout areas, as they keep customer queues in order and offer you a way to encourage impulse purchases at the point of sale.

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Overhead supermarket banner

3. Utilise your ceiling space for signage

Make all areas of your store clear with overhead hanging posters. This way, people know exactly where to go for the product or offer they are looking for. This will help create an enjoyable and easy shopping experience to keep customers returning to your supermarket.

Suspended posters are also ideal for short sales, as they are easy to update and can be changed over regularly to suit your fast paced store. Ceiling signs can also be used as a wayfinding tool, as you can print arrows and directions to guide customers around your store to places such as customer service, tills and toilets.

The large footprint of supermarkets usually means that overhead signs are visible in most areas of the store, making them a useful display tool for reaching many people.

4. Ensure your shelves are providing essential product information

Having prices, offers and promotions displayed clearly is crucial in supermarkets. Customers are drawn in to well marked BOGOF, discounted or last chance offers, so have these displayed along your shelving. A shelf talker allows you to clearly display prices, promotions, offers or product information that your customer can see from a distance. To make one particular product stand out, a shelf wobbler or sign holder is the perfect solution. As well as having your prices organised, your products must also be neatly displayed. Shelf dividers are a simple yet effective way of ensuring that your products are presented in a clear and professional manner.

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