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Pavement Signs and A Boards

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Pavement signs and A boards for your outdoor promotional needs

At UK Point of Sale you will find a huge collection of pavement signs to meet your outdoor promotional needs. Our range of signs, including A boards, come in all sizes and are available in a host of materials including aluminium, steel and PVC. All products are available for next day delivery.

Why use a pavement sign?

At UK POS our A Board Pavement Signs are specifically designed to ensure your message is displayed to the optimum effect. Our most popular options are designed with a large capacity water base to ensure it stands up to the elements, along with robust wheels to ensure flexibility in the location of the pavement sign.

Ultimately, they are fantastic tools to make potential customers aware of your business by capturing their attention with fantastic imagery and a clear call to action. Whether you're a small business owner, have your own restaurant, sports club or leisure centre, this type of signage is incredibly effective at increasing footfall.

Do I need an A Board or Pavement Sign?

Pavement signs and A boards are very similar, but there are some important differences that it is worth being aware of. For example, pavement signs will have a base that is filled with water, sand or have a weighted base to keep it weighed down, but A boards are kept in place by their legs.

A Boards

A boards, quite simply, get their name because they are double sided and shaped like the letter A. Two different advertising boards are joined at the top, with the feet of the sign spread out to give it structural rigidity. A strut that spans between the two boards will also help it standing strong.

A boards are so popular because they can be made with a number of different colour frames and can have different finishes to give your signage the edge over the competition, and to make your sign more appealing.

Other reasons our customers love this product:
  • Posters are easy to remove and replace due to interchangeable displays on both A boards and pavement signs
  • Find the exact look you need with personalised options available
  • Personalised waterbase pavement signs - we can powder coat to any RAL colour, and mix and match frame and base colours to suit your exact requirements

Get in touch with UK POS

Our A Board Pavement Signs are manufactured with unbeatable quality in mind. They have galvanized steel back panels, which add weight, unlike cheaper lighter versions that are more susceptible to blowing away.

If you cannot find the exact product you need, do not worry, if you need a custom designed A Board we can manufacture exactly what you are looking for.